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Jesse Ventura, 63 Documents the Government Does Not want you to READ

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THE INTRO TO THE BOOK! is proud to announce that Jesse Ventura, newest book, 63 Documents The Government Doesn’t Want you to read, is available on this site, in the audio version! This book tells of the many times in history when the United States Federal Government has lied to us and manipulated events in order to promote the agenda of the ruling elite. Below you’ll find the link to the introduction to the book, you can listen to it and return as future chapters will be made available.

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There’s a window of OPPORTUNITY? Now to take back our country!

Now that the Republican House of cards has crumbled, let’s not waste the opportunity, perhaps it might be the only opportunity, to restore the Constitution and give Americans their country back.

It’s pretty simple really, give the country back to the people. Strap down the lobbyists with very limited accessibility to the D.C. window. Have public funding of all campaigns with no loopholes. Take our right back to print our own money, trash the Federal Reserve (private corporation) by enforcing President Kennedy’s executive order 11110. Abolish the electoral college, it is no longer a viable mechanism for electing our President. Enforce the Anti-Trust laws on the books, there are too many monopolies that have destroy competition, the fundamental backbone, at one time, of capitalism. Stop funding the clandestine operations of the CIA with drug money. Break down the CIA into a much smaller Department, with extreme oversight. Treat all countries people, equally and fairly, we are tied too closely with Israel, and Israel is too involved with our corporate underground. Let the truth be revealed about 911 and Israel involvement with that. Rescind the Patriot Act, the most diabolical set of measures ever enacted to subvert the Constitution. End the privatization of our governmental responsibilities. Do all this and abolish all the legislation and executive orders of the worst criminal this Nation has ever known. It needs to be done in case the former winners come back and we won’t then have a chance to do it. Don’t let them come back and write their history in OUR history books!


Cheney has been the De Facto President since he and Bush were elected. He put himself in charge of NORAD two months before 911. The first time in history that Norad was in the hands of a civilian, rather than a general? The GANG OF FIVE, CHENEY, BUSH, RICE, ROVE, AND GONZALES, and the Corporate World want continual fighting and bloodshed because it generates the greatest profits. They have gotten the political representatives to adhere to this philosophy and the scared public to follow along. Making threats more ominous than they are create a public that doesn’t question anything; as a result our Bill of Rights has been suspended by the worst Act ever passed by the United States, the Patriot Act. The most influential leader for the demise of Democracy is George W. Bush. An individual that ignores all advise except that of the Corporate lobbyists who insist that holding on to Iraq is the only viable option for maintaining World Domination and a foothold onto the oil riches of the middle east. The United States has built 14 PERMANENT BASES over there as of this date. There is no intention of ever getting out of Iraq! General Petraeus (the General in charge over there at the moment) said last week, “It will take decades to bring about peace in Iraq”.  The Corporate World dictates what we do abroad as well as what we do here; ask why do we want to grant amnesty to 12 million illegal aliens? Is this in the best interest of the United States? Is losing our loved ones in a Civil War in the Middle East and wasting billions of dollars over there in the best interest of the United States, while our borders are no more secure now than when 911 occurred? My fellow Americans, we can get our Nation back, but it will be difficult and it will be a long process. We must start at the top and work our way down. Bush has acknowledged that “money trumps peace”; with his acknowledgement we must recognized his true agenda, a new World Order!

George W. Bush’s first administration was notable for including a number of veterans of previous Republican administrations, including Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld. But if Bush’s early cabinet members and advisors had considerable government experience, they, like others before them, could also boast of extensive corporate connections. Bush, the first president with an MBA degree, appears to be following a similar course in choosing the cabinet for his second term.Bush himself is a former Texas oilman. His company, Arbusto, was on the verge of bankruptcy when it merged with Spectrum 7 in 1984. Harken Energy bought Spectrum in 1986, and Bush was given a seat on Harken’s board. He went on to become managing general partner of the Texas Rangers baseball team before entering politics. Vice President Dick Cheney was the CEO of Halliburton, the world’s largest oil field services company, until he joined the Bush ticket in 2000. Halliburton’s activities in the Middle East have drawn scrutiny. The company’s European subsidiaries sold spare parts to Iraq’s oil industry, despite U.N. sanctions. Halliburton and its subsidiary Kellogg Brown & Root have reaped huge profits from the rebuilding of Iraq following the U.S.-led invasion of the country in 2003. Critics charge that Halliburton has received preferential treatment in the awarding of government contracts in Iraq. The company also has faced trouble at home. It agreed to pay $4 billion to settle myriad asbestos and silica-related lawsuits, and is facing a class-action suit alleging accounting fraud.Below is a list of corporations with connections to people in the Bush administration. In cases where no corporate connections exist, the chart’s company field has been left blank.

The Bush Cabinet
Cabinet Position Cabinet Official Corporate Connections*
Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns ®  Kraft®  Click here to return to the Tyson Foods, Inc. home page.®  ConAgra Foods®
Attorney General Alberto Gonzales ®
Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez ®
Defense Secretary

Robert Gates

®    ®
Education Secretary Margaret Spellings  
Energy Secretary Samuel Bodman ®  Cabot®
Health and Human Services Secretary Mike Leavitt  
Homeland Security Michael Chertoff  
Housing and Urban Development Alphonso Jackson


Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne  
Labor Secretary Elaine Chao ®  ®  ®
Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice ®  ®  ®
Transportation Secretary

Mary Peters

Treasury Secretary

Henry Paulson

Veterans Affairs Secretary Jim Nicholson  

 So we start at the top and begin the process to remove the GANG OF FIVE, Bush, Cheney, Rice, Rove, Gonzales. The founding fathers were astute and actually devised a system of government that has worked for over 200 years. It is only when attempts to tear down that system does the government fail us, the people. And the GANG OF FIVE has been doing that ever since they got into office! Once they are removed than we go to work on the Congress who have fallen in step with the executive branch in demolishing our system of government. The first step is impeachment, view the video below: MUST SEE AND HEAR PART TWO:

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