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Browser HINT

The new browsers let you increase or decrease the size of the page your looking at by hitting the Control button on your keyboard and then either the plus (+) or minus (-) sign on your numeric section of your keyboard (extreme right-hand side of keyboard). So, if your having problems seeing a page, increase it’s size, or if the page doesn’t appear quite correct, either plus or minus it, using, Control and plus or minus keys. Your helpful computer tip for the day!



Government is the only thing standing between us and all those who would harm us, in one form or another! Be it war, medicine, unsafe products, the list is endless. Corporate America has taken over our Government and it is the reason we’re in such a mess. Don’t blindly get on a bandwagon of non-thinkers, followers and corporate lackeys. Take our Government back; support it, in its battle with the Corporate Monolith, fighting to protect us, the people, against their unrestrained greed. For those of you who may not know, NON SEQUITUR is Latin (yes a dead language, as we will be going down this path) meaning non-sequential, in other words, the teabaggers are taking 2+2+2=36, does not follow reason.

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