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Because I  have been busy researching so many areas, we lost our original Domain name of DAVIDJGREGORY.COM, some outfit bought it with the idea that I would pay more money for it, making a profit for them, well, NOT SO! The site’s new title, Dave presents and the new Domain is TWILIGHTAMERICA.INFO. Our logo is an animated GIF file that goes from blur to focus with the intention that this site will take issues that many people have trouble seeing and understanding clearly, to bring them into focus, to create an epiphany for as many as possible. We strongly suggest you join WordPress and after doing so, to become a contributor to the site.

Give the U.S. back to the PEOPLE!

This is it, our one chance to change our country’s course – forever. “We may never have this chance again to restore our Democracy to GREATNESS, please join our efforts! Don’t let all the propaganda that you have been spoon fed all these years blind your eyes to the truth, America is about our people, our homes, our rights, our lives, don’t ever forget it! Dave Gregory

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A few more Senate seats, and we can end the conservative ascendency and achieve President Obama’s vision for lasting change and “we can set about change, change that will end the 4th branch of current government, the lobbyists!” Dave Gregory  We’ll end silly debates about whether tax cuts for the rich trickle down or global warming exists, and we’ll actually solve our toughest problems.

It won’t be easy. “But with your help we’ll get it done”. Dave Gregory Sitting presidents have gained seats in only 3 midterm elections since the Civil War.

With Barack Obama‘s leadership, it’s possible.  Five Republicans are retiring, creating 50-50 races for open seats.  Republican approval ratings are at record lows.

We can’t wait.  We have to work and work and work now to prepare for that final sprint.  You’ve been instrumental to Democratic victories in the past, and we thank you. Now, we need your help again. Your early support – this minute – before Tuesday’s midnight deadline is essential to 2010 victory.

Four days to raise $147,622.  It’s so important, Democratic senators will match every dollar 2-to-1.

We can win the Senate seats President Obama needs to achieve real, lasting change, but we need your help.  Click here to give $25, $50 or more right this minute.  Your contribution will make a difference.

We’ve won 14 Senate seats over the last two cycles for two reasons.  First, we’ve recruited dynamite candidates, and this year is no different.  Folks like Robin Carnahan in Missouri and Paul Hodes in New Hampshire are already running hard for 2010.

Second, we’ve always had more campaign resources than our opponents, thanks to your generous support.

The results speak for themselves: President Obama and the Democratic Senate have already invested in new jobs and a strong economy, provided health coverage for even more children, and expanded stem cell research into life-saving cures.  Just imagine what we could accomplish with a few more Democratic votes!

But this time, winning Senate seats will be harder than ever. Newt Gingrich, Rush Limbaugh, and the gang have the Republican cash machine operating at full capacity.  They raised more than $14.5 million in just one night a few weeks ago.

This is the moment to press our advantage.  This is the moment to win big in 2010. All we need is you.

Give before Tuesday’s midnight deadline to triple the impact of your money.  We’re pulling out all the stops to give our candidates everything they need.

Click here to make an immediate contribution of $25, $50 or more to the DSCC.  Don’t think for a minute that our work to change this country is done.  We need a few more Senate seats to make President Obama’s bold vision a reality.

Do not sit on the sidelines for this one.

We have come so far, and everything we’ve worked for is in sight.  We cannot quit on our dreams now.  Please, don’t delay.  Do your part before it’s too late.


J.B. Poersch
J.B. Poersch

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The DSCC is committed to protecting our majority in the Senate. We can’t do it without your help. Please click here to make a donation. The DSCC knows how to win Senate races for Democrats. If you liked this message after receiving it from a friend, click this button to join our cause.
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Clean Energy and Security Act, please continue to support it’s full passage!

“For too long this government has been the pawns of Corporate America, we are now on the way to giving it back to the people and protecting the future of “OUR WORLD”, yours and mine. I want my children and my children’s children to enjoy this world for as long as it is possible. By eventually removing the hands of Corporate America greed from it’s strangle hold over government, we know, at least, one of the potential destroyers of earth will be held at bay”. Dave Gregory

Today is truly a day for the history books!

A short time ago, the House passed the historic American Clean Energy and Security Act. In doing so, we took a monumental step to get America running on clean energy, create millions of new jobs, strengthen our security, and reduce pollution in the air.

This legislation was masterfully written by two longtime champions for building a clean energy economy in America and aggressively fighting climate change – Chairman Henry Waxman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee and Chairman Ed Markey of the Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming.

Most of all, this victory belongs to you. It is directly because of your grassroots support and the leadership of President Obama that progress on climate change is indeed happening in Washington.

Thank you for making this good news possible.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi

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