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Because I  have been busy researching so many areas, we lost our original Domain name of DAVIDJGREGORY.COM, some outfit bought it with the idea that I would pay more money for it, making a profit for them, well, NOT SO! The site’s new title, Dave presents and the new Domain is TWILIGHTAMERICA.INFO. Our logo is an animated GIF file that goes from blur to focus with the intention that this site will take issues that many people have trouble seeing and understanding clearly, to bring them into focus, to create an epiphany for as many as possible. We strongly suggest you join WordPress and after doing so, to become a contributor to the site.


Very Busy

We have been busy working on a new site, EYEONCITRUS.COM, which will be a news site with an emphasis on Citrus County and the surrounding areas. In addition to the local news we will offer National and International news along with sporting news. Along with this we are continually working on our DVD, Connecting the Dots, JFK Assassination to 911, which is due to be released on July 4, 2010. Having said all this, I will still try to keep this site, DAVIDJGREGORY.COM, updated with timely posts and announcements! I am always on the lookout for contributors, for either this site or our new one, so if you’re interested; send me an email by clicking the mailbox on the right side of page. Thanks, Dave

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