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" Flip Flopped"



Dear Editor,
The Chronicle on 8/22/11, stated that the Crystal River City Council
was going to have the "first reading" on 8/22/11 of an ordinance that the council voted
on at a previous meeting "to change flag displays to an unlimited number".
How can flying "an unlimited number"of U.S flags be changed to an "explicit" number on the ordinance by the Crystal River City Council the very next day in the Chronicle 8/23/11 to again another unpatriotic restriction of flying of U.S.Flags?!

The council really doesn’t seem to "Get It": that any restriction of flying of the U.S. Flag is unconstitutional – even the city attorney told them so! As a Candidate for Citrus County Commission,  I stand against any restriction whatsoever of flying of the U.S.Flag, except for public safety. Furthermore, unpatriotic flag restrictions are unheard of  (Fox except by the Crystal River Council of Crystal River: who all deserve to lose jobs if they restrict U.S Flags from flying High and proud as they would be breaking their Oaths of Office to Uphold,defend and Protect the U.S. Constitution: Not to oppose it!!!
Renee Christopher-McPheeters

Crystal River

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