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Help to overcome

David Gregory has a condition that causes him to need a van equipped with a chair lift so he can access it from the driver’s seat of his vehicle. The van he currently uses is in poor shape, so he is in need of a new van. Friends have opened a bank account to help him get the equipment he needs.


David Gregory has a condition that causes him to need a van equipped with a chair lift so he can access it from the driver’s seat of his vehicle. The van he currently uses is in poor shape, so he is in need of a new van. Friends have opened a bank account to help him get the equipment he needs.


HOMOSASSA — David Gregory knows that life is precarious.
Born with osteogenesis imperfecta, brittle bone disease, he’s had more than 80 broken bones in his 61 years, has spent weeks in traction and has undergone surgeries to have steel rods implanted in his legs.
In 2004, Gregory had heart bypass and aortic valve replacement surgery — serious enough for someone with normal bones, but for him, the risks were multiplied.
But he recovered and returned to work at the county property appraiser’s office in Crystal River 10 weeks later.
“With this disease, it’s bad when you’re young,” Gregory said. “In middle age you get better — your bones harden. Then when you get older, you go downhill again.”
When he was younger, in his 30s, he worked as a garage mechanic. He lifted machinery; he dug ditches. Throughout his adult years he has operated boats at the Marine Science Station, managed a Wilson’s Leather store and worked as a substitute teacher.
He could walk.
“I walked with a limp, but I was normal — in my opinion,” he said.
When he could no longer walk, he began using  a motorized scooter. To get it onto the rack on the back of his car he would prop himself against the car and “drive” the scooter onto the rack using his hands, secure the gate behind it, then slowly make his way into the car.
When he got to work, he would reverse the process and do it again to go home.
He’s never been one to give up.
Five years ago, he got a van, a 1993 Ford E-150, with a lift. Even then it was old, but it lifted his chair, which lifted his spirits.
But now, the van keeps breaking down and the lift broke. A friend loaned him a lift that hooks on the back, which means he has to walk from the back to get into the driver’s seat, and he can’t walk well anymore.
“I call it my ‘McGuyver van,’” Gregory said. “I keep a roll of duct tape, nylon string and a tool kit handy.”
The list of what’s wrong with it is longer than what works.
His friends have opened up an account for him at TD Bank, 1000 S.E. U.S. 19, Crystal River, to help him purchase a wheelchair-accessible van.
He found a van with a lift and a chair included on Craigslist for $3,000, although he said he hasn’t looked at it yet or even knows if it’s still available. The owner lives in Sanford.
“For the past five years I’ve lived on a contingency basis, fixing things as they break,” he said. “Even my chair. I’d think, ‘Which one will go first?’ I was able to get a chair at the Sheriff’s store for $200 the day before my other chair gave out.”
Gregory said he tries to stay hopeful and positive, but is struggling to do so. He’s not one to complain, and said he knows other people have it much worse than he does.
“He tries so hard,” said his supervisor, Sandy Garrison. “He’s always here, he’s a hard worker. He’s a thinker and so intelligent. It’s a shame, though. He just can’t seem to catch a break.”
For information, call David Gregory at (352) 228-3230.
Chronicle reporter Nancy Kennedy can be reached at (352) 564-2927


NBC News the Masterminds of 911

I'm not this David GregoryNBC News-The Masterminds of 911 are going to be tried in New York City. Imagine that? Osama Bin Linden must of have been captured right? After all, isn’t he the mastermind of 911, wasn’t that what we were told and wasn’t that the reason we invaded Iraq and Afghanistan? Wait, no, we’re not talking about Bin Linden, we’re talking about Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and the other four conspirators allegedly involved in 911!

But let’s forget about this deception, because this absolutely is more important, if it is a real trial, and not another orchestrated event for public consumption, then there is a possibility for the truth to come out. That is why most of the Republican Party and those Democrats, who have also turned traitor to this country, do not want any such occurrence, because they are all involved in the biggest cover up since John Kennedy’s assassination. War tribunal’s accounts are easier to manipulate and keep hidden and that is why there is so many wanting to continue with the Bush secret agenda involved in invading the Middle East.

Our country’s war footing is all based on deceit and lies. These lies have allowed Corporate America’s Military-Industrial Complex, along with their associated companies, to rape and pillage our resources leaving us in the worst recession since the Great Depression. A multi-billion dollar military-industrial complex must have an excuse to be maintained and that is hard to do when there is no formidable enemy out there today, so when one does not exist, let’s create one! In the same manner that Project Northwood existed during the Kennedy Administration (a project that Kennedy discontinued when he discovered it), a plan where “stage” American aircraft were to be high jacked by phony Cubans and shot down with U.S. citizens aboard, giving the United States an excuse to invade Cuba.

There are a lot of scenarios that might happen to halt these trials from taking place in the United States, anything from assassination to another alleged terrorist plot. I do not think there is much chance for these trials to actually take place. The traitors are many and the consequences are grave. How to keep a cover-up covered up will be too daunting for the criminals just to hang loose.

What really happen on Sept 11, 2001, how did the so-called “airliners” actually bring down the towers and Building # 7? Millions know the truth; will you be one of them?

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Failure to prosecute: why Obama is having trouble passing health care reform

By Don Smith

President Obama apparently believes that prosecuting Bush Administration officials for torture and other crimes would be a “distraction” from more important matters, such as health care reform.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

The reason President Obama and the Democrats are having so much trouble passing health care reform is that they failed to hold conservatives accountable for their many misdeeds. The Democrats thereby empowered conservatives to continue their ample mischief. (I write “conservatives” rather than “Republicans” because some Democrats are amongst the conservatives who promoted harmful policies.)

Conservative misdeeds range from the unspeakably evil — such as torture, rendition, lying about the reasons for going to war, and the deaths of up to a million or more civilians — to the merely despicable — such as politically motivated prosecutions, reckless deregulation, suppression of evidence, tax cuts for rich folks, stolen elections, inadequate response to Hurricane Katrina, dirty tricks, and rampant corruption.

Had Democrats pursued impeachment early on they would have exposed the many lies, crimes, and dirty tricks of the conservatives to the light of day. Democrats would have even bigger majorities in Congress, and the ability of conservatives to influence public opinion would have been greatly diminished.

Instead, the Democrats, and President Obama in particular, have tried to be “bipartisan”.

What a stupid policy!

Conservatives in Congress have no intention of compromising on health care reform or on any other substantive issue. They continue to defend Bush Administration officials and policies in order to protect themselves and the GOP. This was discussed in Bipartisanship porn and Obama’s Trust Problem, where Paul Krugman writes:

It’s hard to avoid the sense that Mr. Obama has wasted months trying to appease people who can’t be appeased, and who take every concession as a sign that he can be rolled.

Indeed, no sooner were there reports that the administration might accept co-ops as an alternative to the public option than G.O.P. leaders announced that co-ops, too, were unacceptable.

The Democrats will continue to have trouble passing a reform agenda until they decisively confront the misdeeds of the recent past by rejecting bipartisanship and pursuing prosecution of Bush-era officials. This will have the triple effect of (1) bringing criminals to justice, (2) exposing the truth to the public, and (3) weakening the influence of conservative politicians and ideology.

Alas, failure to prosecute may not be the main reason why Obama and the Democrats are having trouble passing health care reform. There is evidence that the Democrat leadership never intended to pass real health care reform. This grim conclusion was sketched in Squandered Opportunity and Follow the Money. The Democrats may be too corrupted by money and power to follow through on their promises.

Progressives’ impatience with Obama is reaching a boiling point, not just over accountability but also over the bailouts, health care reform, militarism, and other issues. As Paul Krugman observes, “A backlash in the progressive base — which pushed President Obama over the top in the Democratic primary and played a major role in his general election victory — has been building for months.”

Indeed, we progressives have power over Obama. We are his base. If we turn against him — or, better yet perhaps, just threaten to turn against him — the news media will pick up on the story and Obama will be in trouble. Let us use that power wisely. If progressives appear too pushy, the effort might backfire. Recall that Congress voted to condemn in 2007 when the group published their ill-fated New York Times ad questioning whether Gen. David Petraeus would “betray us” ( ad controversy).

For years progressives have been criticizing Democrats for appeasement. Maybe it’s time for progressives to follow our own advice and hold Obama accountable by saying, basically: either you stop protecting these torturers, stop continuing Bush era policies, and stop compromising on health care reform, or we on the left will withdraw our support and condemn you too. Progressives need to tread carefully, lest they be dismissed as radicals, but they need to demand their due.

“I want you to hold our government accountable. I want you to hold me accountable” — Barack Obama (September, 2008). Let us hold him accountable. Let us do our part to get the word out about how America is being screwed. And let us do our utmost to ensure that progressive Democrats such as Dennis Kucinich and brave independents such as Bernie Sanders prevail.

Oil lobby to fund campaign against Obama’s climate change strategy

The US oil and gas lobby are planning to stage public events to give the appearance of a groundswell of public opinion against legislation that is key to Barack Obama’s climate change strategy, according to campaigners.A key lobbying group will bankroll and organise 20 ”energy citizen” rallies in 20 states. In an email obtained by Greenpeace, Jack Gerard, the president of the American Petroleum Institute (API), outlined what he called a “sensitive” plan to stage events during the August congressional recess to put a “human face” on opposition to climate and energy reform.After the clamour over healthcare, the memo raises the possibility of a new round of protests against a key Obama issue.”Our goal is to energise people and show them that they are not alone,” said Cathy Landry, for API, who confirmed that the memo was authentic.The email from Gerard lays out ambitious plans to stage a series of lunchtime rallies to try to shape the climate bill that was passed by the house in June and will come before the Senate in September. “We must move aggressively,” it reads.The API strategy also extends to a PR drive. Gerard cites polls to test the effectiveness of its arguments against climate change legislation. It offers up the “energy citizen” rallies as ready-made events, noting that allies – which include manufacturing and farm alliances as well as 400 oil and gas member organizations – will have to do little more than turn up.”API will provide the up-front resources,” the email said. “This includes contracting with a highly experienced events management company that has produced successful rallies for presidential campaigns.”However, it said member organizations should encourage employees to attend to command the attention of senators. “In the 11 states with an industry core, our member company local leadership – including your facility manager’s commitment to provide significant attendance – is essential,” said the email.Greenpeace described the meetings as “astroturfing” – events intended to exert pressure on legislators by giving the impression of a groundswell of public opinion. Kert Davies, its research director, said: “It is the behind the scenes plan to disrupt the debate and weaken political support for climate regulation.”The rally sites were chosen to exert maximum pressure on Democrats in conservative areas. The API also included talking points for the rallies – including figures on the costs of energy reform that were refuted weeks ago by the congressional budget office.The API drive also points to a possible fracturing of the US Climate Action Partnership (Uscap), a broad coalition of corporations and energy organizations which was instrumental in drafting the Waxman-Markey climate change bill that passed in the House of Representatives in June.Passage of the legislation is seen as crucial to the prospects of getting the world to sign on to a climate change treaty at Copenhagen next December.Five members of Uscap are also in API, including BP which said its employees were aware of the rallies. Conoco Phillips, which was also a member of the climate action partnership, has also turned against climate change, warning on its website that the legislation will put jobs at risk, and compromise America’s energy security. The company is also advertising the energy rallies on its website, urging readers: “Make your voice heard.”However, Shell, also a member of both groups, said it did not support the rallies. Bill Tenner, a spokesman, said: “We are not participating.”

Once again it will remain to be seen how many of the blind followers will jump on Corporate America’s bandwagon? Your interests ARE NOT theirs!

American Revolution Revelation

“A revelation into our American Revolution, an insight that will not be found in the history books of Public Education”. Dave Gregory

By Howard Zinn

There are things that happen in the world that are bad, and you want to do something about them. You have a just cause. But our culture is so war prone that we immediately jump from, “This is a good cause” to “This deserves a war.”

You need to be very, very comfortable in making that jump.

The American Revolution-independence from England-was a just cause. Why should the colonists here be occupied by and oppressed by England? But therefore, did we have to go to the Revolutionary War?

How many people died in the Revolutionary War?

Nobody ever knows exactly how many people die in wars, but it’s likely that 25,000 to 50,000 people died in this one. So let’s take the lower figure-25,000 people died out of a population of three million. That would be equivalent today to two and a half million people dying to get England off our backs.

You might consider that worth it, or you might not.

Canada is independent of England, isn’t it? I think so. Not a bad society. Canadians have good health care. They have a lot of things we don’t have. They didn’t fight a bloody revolutionary war. Why do we assume that we had to fight a bloody revolutionary war to get rid of England?

In the year before those famous shots were fired, farmers in Western Massachusetts had driven the British government out without firing a single shot. They had assembled by the thousands and thousands around courthouses and colonial offices and they had just taken over and they said goodbye to the British officials. It was a nonviolent revolution that took place. But then came Lexington and Concord, and the revolution became violent, and it was run not by the farmers but by the Founding Fathers. The farmers were rather poor; the Founding Fathers were rather rich.

Who actually gained from that victory over England? It’s very important to ask about any policy, and especially about war: Who gained what? And it’s very important to notice differences among the various parts of the population. That’s one thing were not accustomed to in this country because we don’t think in class terms. We think, “Oh, we all have the same interests.” For instance, we think that we all had the same interests in independence from England. We did not have all the same interests.

Do you think the Indians cared about independence from England? No, in fact, the Indians were unhappy that we won independence from England, because England had set a line-in the Proclamation of 1763-that said you couldn’t go westward into Indian territory. They didn’t do it because they loved the Indians. They didn’t want trouble. When Britain was defeated in the Revolutionary War, that line was eliminated, and now the way was open for the colonists to move westward across the continent, which they did for the next 100 years, committing massacres and making sure that they destroyed Indian civilization.

So when you look at the American Revolution, there’s a fact that you have to take into consideration. Indians-no, they didn’t benefit.

Did blacks benefit from the American Revolution?

Slavery was there before. Slavery was there after. Not only that, we wrote slavery into the Constitution. We legitimized it.

What about class divisions?

Did ordinary white farmers have the same interest in the revolution as a John Hancock or Morris or Madison or Jefferson or the slaveholders or the bondholders? Not really.

It was not all the common people getting together to fight against England. They had a very hard time assembling an army. They took poor guys and promised them land. They browbeat people and, oh yes, they inspired people with the Declaration of Independence. It’s always good, if you want people to go to war, to give them a good document and have good words: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Of course, when they wrote the Constitution, they were more concerned with property than life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. You should take notice of these little things.

There were class divisions. When you assess and evaluate a war, when you assess and evaluate any policy, you have to ask: Who gets what?

We were a class society from the beginning. America started off as a society of rich and poor, people with enormous grants of land and people with no land. And there were riots, there were bread riots in Boston, and riots and rebellions all over the colonies, of poor against rich, of tenants breaking into jails to release people who were in prison for nonpayment of debt. There was class conflict. We try to pretend in this country that we’re all one happy family. We’re not.

And so when you look at the American Revolution, you have to look at it in terms of class.

Do you know that there were mutinies in the American Revolutionary Army by the privates against the officers? The officers were getting fine clothes and good food and high pay and the privates had no shoes and bad clothes and they weren’t getting paid. They mutinied. Thousands of them. So many in the Pennsylvania line that George Washington got worried, so he made compromises with them. But later when there was a smaller mutiny in the New Jersey line, not with thousands but with hundreds, Washington said execute the leaders, and they were executed by fellow mutineers on the order of their officers.

The American Revolution was not a simple affair of all of us against all of them. And not everyone thought they would benefit from the Revolution.

We’ve got to rethink this question of war and come to the conclusion that war cannot be accepted, no matter what the reasons given, or the excuse: liberty, democracy; this, that. War is by definition the indiscriminate killing of huge numbers of people for ends that are uncertain. Think about means and ends, and apply it to war. The means are horrible, certainly. The ends, uncertain. That alone should make you hesitate.

Once a historical event has taken place, it becomes very hard to imagine that you could have achieved a result some other way. When something is happening in history it takes on a certain air of inevitability: This is the only way it could have happened. No.
We are smart in so many ways. Surely, we should be able to understand that in between war and passivity, there are a thousand possibilities.

© 2009 The Progressive

Author’s Bio: Howard Zinn is a historian, political scientist, social critic, activist and playwright, best known as author of the bestseller A People’s History of the United States. The author of some 20 books, he is currently Professor Emeritus in the Political Science Department at Boston University.

Fascist Republicans House of Cards start to crumble!

It was not a coincidence that things started falling apart when the election drew near, the economy, war ll street, big three auto makers, big oil, they knew the people had their fill with the wanton rape and pillaging of our country for the last eight years. They saw the immense crowds that Obama drew and they saw the writing on the wall. The people were uprising, in as much as a revolutionary way as any other, through their guaranteed right to vote and the dismal voter apathy that appeared in previous elections would be quelled. And it was. So the exodus began, trying to leave town before the long arm of the law overtook them. No one is above the law even those who are suppose to execute the law. They have sold this country down the drain, the brakes have been put on, but it may be too late. The deceit and subterfuge was so widespread, including the White House, Congress and the Media, that it will take wholesale arrest warrants to drag in the guilty. The billions of dollars made by the military-industrial complex drained our wallets, killed our most precious assets, our young and maimed the future of our Nation. These war criminals are to be held accountable! Their criminality must not set a precedence for future dictatorial inspired leaders.

There are bad people in the world. People who would take advantage of an outrage, to make it worst, simply for their pocketbooks and their long range goals. So it was with 911. An atrocity that was exacerbated by those in charge. Leading an inflamed public into their folds of manipulation. But if not for the Internet these scoundrels might have forever gone unfounded, but the truth, so far, can still be researched and discovered on-line. The history of their crimes is immense, it takes a step back in time to grasp, it’s all there, just connect the dots.

“I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around the banks will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.” Thomas Jefferson 1802

On June 4, 1963, a little known attempt was made to strip the Federal Reserve Bank of its power to loan money to the government at interest. On that day President John F. Kennedy signed Executive Order No. 11110 that returned to the U.S. government the power to issue currency, without going through the Federal Reserve. Mr. Kennedy’s order gave the Treasury the power “to issue silver certificates against any silver bullion, silver, or standard silver dollars in the Treasury.” This meant that for every ounce of silver in the U.S. Treasury’s vault, the government could introduce new money into circulation. In all, Kennedy brought nearly $4.3 billion in U.S. notes into circulation. The ramifications of this bill are enormous.

Mr. Kennedy was on his way to putting the Federal Reserve Bank of New York out of business. If enough of these silver certificates were to come into circulation that would have eliminated the demand for Federal Reserve notes. This is because the silver certificates are backed by silver and the Federal Reserve notes are not backed by anything. Executive Order 11110 could have prevented the national debt from reaching its current level, because it would have given the government the ability to repay its debt without going to the Federal Reserve and being charged interest in order to create the new money. Executive Order 11110 gave the U.S. the ability to create its own money backed by silver.

After Mr. Kennedy was assassinated just five months later, 45 years ago today, Nov. 22, 1963, no more silver certificates were issued. That Executive order has never been rescinded and we must urge President-elect Obama to enforce it.

Sarah Palin: The Beauty Queen Video Youve Been Waiting For

Republicans for Obama

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Everyday people who stand up for the truth of enlightenment. The facts are sometimes hard to hear, but nonetheless, they must be heard, for our future and the future of mankind.

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The Superpower that was…

By Dave Gregory

Well, here we are, the world’s only Superpower, what is that really? It makes no sense, we’re only a Superpower if we want to push other little countries around and pat ourselves on the back on how good we are, patriotic, flag waving, all the kinds of things that make us unthinking zombies, much like the crowds that evolve into mobs. So we went after the wrong country, a country that had nothing to do with 911, and made ourselves feel good by kicking ass and only losing 4000 or so lives, as of now. When the people who were responsible for 911 are in Afghanistan and living comfortably in the U.S., go unpunished.

History repeats itself over and over, and no one seems to learn from it, why we bother to even teach it in school, is beyond me. Of course, the history in school is only one viewpoint and in my lifetime I can remember what history encompassed when I went to school and how that history has been manipulated to be something different from what it was. It’s sad, our heroes from yesterday are no longer that and people who had little consequence are now our Gods, our leaders. The winners write the history to our dismay and we reap what they have sown. And the winners are not those who conquered in battle and fought the brave fight, the winners today are those that have manipulated the rules, set aside the standards, ignored the ethics; they are the ones who lead us.

So now, the U.S.S.R., hey, folks of the younger generation, that is Russia today, now they are feeling their oats, they have responded to Georgia’s ethnic cleansing with a little cleansing of their own. And you know what? They feel good about it, in fact, they feel real good. Guess kind of like us, when we kicked ass in Iraq, with all the hoopla, the awe and shock stuff, yeah, it feels good, that old male testosterone is going full force, let’s kick some more ass! Well, that’s the way it begins, but the thing is, years go by, thousands die, and that feeling of euphoria isn’t what it used to be. Fathers, husbands, sons, daughters, wife’s, they die, thousands are disabled both physical and mentally for life. Check out all of our guys returning from Iraq with Post Traumatic Syndrome, PTS, you know there are a lot when a malady is known by an acronym.

The good feeling for us is pretty much over, we’re losing the taste for the fight, and it has cost us untold amounts of money, money that has to be paid back to the country that is the biggest financier of the conflict, China, how many of you knew that? So many of ours killed, broken, maimed, now that’s forever, it’s not a movie, a book, a good story, it’s forever, there is no “the end”, until, THE END, for them. Hey, but we’re not only losing the taste, but we can’t afford it, we’re spread too thin, our veneer has been sanded off, we learning a lesson that has been taught to us, over and over, we cannot be the policemen of the world. Of course, that is what our leaders would like you to believe, that altruistic myth, that we only go on these excursions to right a wrong, avenge a death. Most in the know, know, the real reason why any of this happens, its money, oil money, corporate money, corporate America greed. The yoke of tyranny is not so heavy with 21st century conveniences. It is still tyranny just the same and the weight increases with time.

A Memorial Piece I put together for Dad


With love from Daddy’s girl
By Nancy Kennedy

Daddy's girl, Rebekah Gregory with her father, David

Rebekah Lloyd jokes with her father, David Gregory, in the front yard of Gregory’s home as he arrived home from his job at the property appraiser’s office Wednesday evening in Homosassa. /CATHY KAPULKA/Chronicle

Even though she has to bend down to kiss her dad, Rebekah Lloyd said that in her eyes, he’s 8 feet tall.

After an especially difficult two years for her father, David Gregory, the former Miss Teen Citrus and Miss Citrus wants to take this Father’s Day to honor the man she calls Daddy.

“My dad is such an inspiration to me,” she said from her dad’s house in Homosassa. The 57-year-old Gregory adopted Lloyd and her two brothers, Zachary and James, when he met and married their mother. Lloyd was just a baby, and Gregory is the only father she has ever known.

“It doesn’t take DNA to make a dad,” she said.

“What’s most amazing to me about my dad — he was born with osteogenesis imperfecta, a brittle bone disease. He’s in an electric wheelchair now, but he doesn’t let that stop him,” she said. “He has had over 100 broken bones and had to have steel rods put in his legs when he was a teenager; he has pain, and it hasn’t been easy for him. What’s most amazing is that the bone thing isn’t even an issue with him — he even walked me down the aisle at my wedding in 2004.”

Except for the joy of an only daughter’s wedding, 2004 was an especially difficult year for Gregory. A week after the wedding, his mother died, and then four months after that, his brother-in-law, who was his best friend, also died. Then his wife was diagnosed with heart disease and had two stints put in her heart.

Meanwhile, he was still walking, but started using a motorized scooter. However, he didn’t have a wheelchair-accessible van with a drive-up ramp like he has now. So, to transfer the scooter onto the rack on the back of his car, he had to prop himself against the car and “drive” the scooter using his hands onto the rack, secure the gate behind it, then slowly make his way into the car. When he got to work, he had to reverse the process, then do it again when he got home.

Currently, Gregory works at the Property Appraiser’s office in Crystal River. Prior to that he had various jobs: he operated Liberty Stagecoach delivery service, managed a Wilson’s Leather store in a mall in New Port Richey, operated boats at the Marine Science Center, worked at a bank, was a substitute teacher and a garage mechanic.

“He always worked,” Lloyd said. “I had dreams of being a model, and he drove me all over Tampa and Orlando to modeling things. I’d say, ‘Oh, Daddy — it’s only $500!’ and he’d say, ‘We can’t afford that, but you’re still beautiful, Honey.’”

Also in 2004, Gregory developed chest pains and discovered that he needed heart bypass and valve replacement surgery, which is serious enough for someone with normal bones. For him, the risks were multiplied.

On the morning of his surgery, Gregory’s children, his wife and her family and his dad all came to the hospital. “We all kissed him as he went into surgery; it was that risky,” Lloyd said.

But he recovered and returned to work 10 weeks later.

“I never looked at (the bone disease) as a hindrance; I just overcame anything I could,” Gregory said. He always told his kids: “Never let go of your goals and dreams.”

He also said he’s proud of his daughter and his two sons. Proud that they are accomplished and that they did it all on their own. Zachary, a sergeant in the Army, is in Iraq, he’s due back in Dec; James is a corrections guard in Bushnell; Lloyd put herself through college at USF using money she received from entering local scholarship pageants.

It was an exceptionally proud moment when Gregory walked his daughter down the aisle, with the help of his Irish shillelagh walking stick.

“I treasure the dance we had at the wedding,” he said. They danced to “Daddy’s Hands,” a country song that Lloyd used to sing to her daddy when she was little.

“I wasn’t allowed to drive until my senior year of high school, and I didn’t date until I was 16. When I wanted to go out with friends, my dad got in the car and they had to drive around the block so he could test out their driving capabilities,” she said.

“At the time I thought, ‘You’re so strict; it’s not fair,’ but now that I’m 27 … and have two stepdaughters of my own, I know now why he did it. I know exactly where Daddy was coming from, and I’m better for it.”


Portability first becomes available for homeowners who had a 2007 homestead exemption on their old home and established a new homestead by January 1, 2008. You don’t have a whole lot of time to get the portability aspect of the new legislation that was passed Jan. 29, 2008. So I have put the form on my site to aid you, , just click on the form, DR501T and follow it’s instructions. If you like a little MORE info on transferring you SOH homestead CLICK HERE


You keep electing the same people to office and then you keep complaining how you don’t like the way your being treated, especially in regards to your property taxes, what’s wrong with this picture? If you can’t realize that these people you put into office are the pawns of big business, aka, lobbyists then your going to forever be treated this way! The lobbyists are the ones who pay for those commercials that you see ever 5 minutes, more or less, on T.V., that basically make you brain dead so that when you enter the voting both your mind just sees the name that you have been listening to for the last year and a half,  guess who you vote for?

The legislation that was passed last year that took effect this year that was suppose to give you a big discount on your tax bill only amounted to around 1.9% deduction on your tax bill. For the average homeowner, probably, a twenty to thirty dollar savings. These owners are not happy, and even the owners of half million dollar, or more, estates are not happy, of course their savings are more because their tax bills are higher, so they can save several hundred dollars on their tax bill. So WHAM, they got you again!

But wait, that’s not all, the legislation states that if your Market value decreases, your Assessed value WILL NOT, IF YOUR HOMESTEADING, unless the Market value should go down below your Assessed value! This fundamentally makes your Homestead a liability under this scenerio. Which amounts to defeating the whole purpose of why the homestead law was orginally passed, and that was to protect homeowners who make Florida their permanent residents from the dramatic increases in property values being reflected in their property taxes. WHAM, they got you again!

Oh, but it gets even better, FOR THEM, if your Homesteading and you add someone to your property and then to your Homestead, your CAP comes off, and the property rolls up to the fair market value, resulting in a much higher tax bill and WHAM, they got you again!

So the question remains, how long will you put up with this?


Cheney has been the De Facto President since he and Bush were elected. He put himself in charge of NORAD two months before 911. The first time in history that Norad was in the hands of a civilian, rather than a general? The GANG OF FIVE, CHENEY, BUSH, RICE, ROVE, AND GONZALES, and the Corporate World want continual fighting and bloodshed because it generates the greatest profits. They have gotten the political representatives to adhere to this philosophy and the scared public to follow along. Making threats more ominous than they are create a public that doesn’t question anything; as a result our Bill of Rights has been suspended by the worst Act ever passed by the United States, the Patriot Act. The most influential leader for the demise of Democracy is George W. Bush. An individual that ignores all advise except that of the Corporate lobbyists who insist that holding on to Iraq is the only viable option for maintaining World Domination and a foothold onto the oil riches of the middle east. The United States has built 14 PERMANENT BASES over there as of this date. There is no intention of ever getting out of Iraq! General Petraeus (the General in charge over there at the moment) said last week, “It will take decades to bring about peace in Iraq”.  The Corporate World dictates what we do abroad as well as what we do here; ask why do we want to grant amnesty to 12 million illegal aliens? Is this in the best interest of the United States? Is losing our loved ones in a Civil War in the Middle East and wasting billions of dollars over there in the best interest of the United States, while our borders are no more secure now than when 911 occurred? My fellow Americans, we can get our Nation back, but it will be difficult and it will be a long process. We must start at the top and work our way down. Bush has acknowledged that “money trumps peace”; with his acknowledgement we must recognized his true agenda, a new World Order!

George W. Bush’s first administration was notable for including a number of veterans of previous Republican administrations, including Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld. But if Bush’s early cabinet members and advisors had considerable government experience, they, like others before them, could also boast of extensive corporate connections. Bush, the first president with an MBA degree, appears to be following a similar course in choosing the cabinet for his second term.Bush himself is a former Texas oilman. His company, Arbusto, was on the verge of bankruptcy when it merged with Spectrum 7 in 1984. Harken Energy bought Spectrum in 1986, and Bush was given a seat on Harken’s board. He went on to become managing general partner of the Texas Rangers baseball team before entering politics. Vice President Dick Cheney was the CEO of Halliburton, the world’s largest oil field services company, until he joined the Bush ticket in 2000. Halliburton’s activities in the Middle East have drawn scrutiny. The company’s European subsidiaries sold spare parts to Iraq’s oil industry, despite U.N. sanctions. Halliburton and its subsidiary Kellogg Brown & Root have reaped huge profits from the rebuilding of Iraq following the U.S.-led invasion of the country in 2003. Critics charge that Halliburton has received preferential treatment in the awarding of government contracts in Iraq. The company also has faced trouble at home. It agreed to pay $4 billion to settle myriad asbestos and silica-related lawsuits, and is facing a class-action suit alleging accounting fraud.Below is a list of corporations with connections to people in the Bush administration. In cases where no corporate connections exist, the chart’s company field has been left blank.

The Bush Cabinet
Cabinet Position Cabinet Official Corporate Connections*
Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns ®  Kraft®  Click here to return to the Tyson Foods, Inc. home page.®  ConAgra Foods®
Attorney General Alberto Gonzales ®
Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez ®
Defense Secretary

Robert Gates

®    ®
Education Secretary Margaret Spellings  
Energy Secretary Samuel Bodman ®  Cabot®
Health and Human Services Secretary Mike Leavitt  
Homeland Security Michael Chertoff  
Housing and Urban Development Alphonso Jackson


Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne  
Labor Secretary Elaine Chao ®  ®  ®
Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice ®  ®  ®
Transportation Secretary

Mary Peters

Treasury Secretary

Henry Paulson

Veterans Affairs Secretary Jim Nicholson  

 So we start at the top and begin the process to remove the GANG OF FIVE, Bush, Cheney, Rice, Rove, Gonzales. The founding fathers were astute and actually devised a system of government that has worked for over 200 years. It is only when attempts to tear down that system does the government fail us, the people. And the GANG OF FIVE has been doing that ever since they got into office! Once they are removed than we go to work on the Congress who have fallen in step with the executive branch in demolishing our system of government. The first step is impeachment, view the video below: MUST SEE AND HEAR PART TWO:


If you check out the Chronicle this morning you’ll realize where their interests lie, they pretty much buried me and to a lesser degree the Democratic candidate Sophia Diaz Fronseca. They only printed about 4 sentences of what I had said to the reporter that called me and they absolutely refuse to make mention of my website, EVEN ON THEIR BLOG PAGE! So this is ANOTHER blatant example of Corporate America pulling the wool over the public’s eye. YOU no longer get the news, only the filtered content. My fellow Americans, the time is at hand, believe in yourself and your right to hear the truth. When reporting becomes a selective process it is no longer reporting, but propaganda.

My wife, Corl and I, went to Playhouse 19 last night in Crystal River and saw their production of “HAIR”. It is amazing how relevant that a play that was written 40 years ago is to present day. “Hair” was written about the tragedy that lasted over ten years that this country was involved in, the Viet Nam War. This was the granddaddy of Corporate America’s manipulation of our Nation. Of course, since then they have refined their manipulated skills and have taken possession of most of the media outlets in the country, so who knows how long our struggle in Iraq will continued unabated? The Cast and Crew at Playhouse 19 did an excellent job and I would recommend anyone to go and see one of their productions!

HERE’S the DEBATE, that the Citrus Chronicle DIDN’T cover!



Lobbyists, Property Taxes, Homestead Exemption, Homeowners Insurance, SMOKE AND MIRRORS

The citizens of Florida and most of the country have been pawns of politicians who represent Corporate America, rather than their constituents. Although it has been a slow and drawn out process, it has been highly effective. After all, Corporate America has a long history of trial and error to draw from, from the early industrial revolution where cheap labor and child labor were brought in to do the tasks of big industry in the cities, to the company mining towns in Virginia and other mining states. In both cases, the industries have used their work forces as necessary means to an end, and the end being their greed and bottom line; PROFIT. In the big industrial cities and the small mining towns, the companies not only owned the work industry but they also owned the banks, built the homes and ran the stores, and just about everything involved in the life of the common man and woman. There was only one thing missing, the ability for wide scale communication and mass media; to subliminal manipulate thoughts of the people. Thought manipulation victims are not aware of it and that’s the point of it. Over time, 40, 50 years, or more, along with society’s natural ¹ethnocentrism brings people to believe their thoughts, are their own!

Today it is worse! ²Just a few corporations own most of the media sources and if they don’t own the rest directly, they own them indirectly as holding companies. They now own, not only the industries of society, but also the means to convey their ideas of a perfect society. Corporate America’s idea of a perfect society is analogous to that of a bee hive. Author 3Tammy Horn points out that we are drawn to bees because bee society is perfectly engineered. There is no waste; honey bees utilize time and space to perform specialized tasks that preserve a highly structured social system. Horn argues that honey bees’ natural behavior reflects American virtues and values, finding them embedded in our cultural symbolism from colonial times to the present. The problem with the perfect society is that it is not a Democracy. The Queen Bee, Corporate America, determines what is best for the hive, society, which does not translate into what is best for the drones, the people!

This accounts for the dramatic changes in the 4mores and beliefs of our people. The breakdown of the family unit, which was the cornerstone on which this Nation was built, continues to crumble because of economic necessity and media manipulation. Economic necessity requires both Mother and Father to work, sometimes multiple jobs, in order to make ends meet. Media manipulation shows what is important in our society, Reebok’s, Nike’s, gangs, basketball, hate, distrust, etc. While the economy is flourishing for the few, it is hardly doing that for the many who must juggle which bills to pay first, the electric, the house payment, or the Doctor’s bill? Without role models in the home the young are left with T.V. and video games in which to learn their values and we have witnessed the disasters that have resulted, Columbine and the Virginia Tech tragedies, are just a few to mention. The hatred present in our society is a direct result of the mass media’s agenda to propagate hatred toward any who would disagree with their views, to vilify them to the point of second class citizenry. Corporate America learned a long time ago that it is much more profitable to promote hatred and warfare, rather than friendship and peace.

The political pundits who have been brought into power by the lobbyists, in the past, had to try to hide their debt payoffs to the lobbyists in the details of legislation that rarely was reviewed by the masses, much less reported by the media. However, over the course of time, and the successful ability of their mass media to manipulate public opinion, they no longer try to hide their payoffs; in fact, they openly profess them as public policy which will benefit everyone. The privatization of former governmental responsibilities to private industry is an open, brazen, payback of debts to lobbyists. The duties that have been taken over by private industry have cost us, the taxpayer, a thousand times more, than when they were performed by the government. We have all heard about the toilet seats that have cost $500 or the hammer for $1000! Let’s not forget the 5Blackwater Corporation in Iraq, the private military machine whose average pay is $215,000 per year. President Bush so eloquently put it, when he said, “6Money trumps peace”.

Florida has had a long history of lobbyists and paybacks and the privatization of government responsibilities has resulted in overwhelming costs when the fraud and corruption that resulted from such privatization is considered, i.e.: 7In July 2004, three top social service officials resigned after acknowledging they took favors from lobbyists. The same month, errors forced the state to scrap a felon voter list a company was paid millions to compile; Two months later, the Jeb Bush Administration canceled $176-million in technology contracts after discovering a former official may have improperly communicated with a vendor, prompting an ongoing criminal investigation; But none of those problems compare to a single contract that threatens to undermine Bush’s six-year legacy of hiring companies to do government work. The rollout of the People First personnel system, run by a Cincinnati company called Convergys that had never had a government contract before, has caused paycheck and benefit problems for thousands of state employees – including legislators who sit in judgment of Bush’s agenda. Now when the issue of Property Taxes and Homestead Exceptions arise in Tallahassee let us not assume that the legislators are reacting to the immediate concerns of the citizens, rather, let us be realistic and acknowledge that their immediate concern is for the lobbyists who represent the building industry of the state. After all, Homestead Exemption has been protecting those who reside in Florida as permanent residents since 1993. These residents have not had to face the dramatic increases in property taxes over the years because of the 3% cap on the assessed value of their property. But because 2005, which was an aberration from the norm, when property sales in the state rose astronomically, and as a result the building industry overextended itself and subsequently could not afford to pay their dramatic increase in their land development property taxes (after sales dropped off in the following years) the lobbyists rush to Tallahassee to ask the state to relieve them of this burden by initiating property tax reform which will ultimately shift the burden of their entrepreneur adventure to that of the people. This is not to say that the homestead exemption should not be adjusted in ways that would alleviate families in certain situations from being penalized if they decide that with old age or smaller families’ requirements they no longer need to stay in their present homes. Making Homesteads portable would afford the opportunity of permanent residents to relocate in the state and not lose their savings from previous homesteads. But do not tear down the system that has proved to be effective over the years for permanent residents of Florida in order to offset loses experienced by the building industry due to their over extension, shifting the burden of their mistakes to the unaware taxpayer. The fact remains if they do adjust the homestead exemption law, they would still have to address the 8Florida Statute which states that even if market trends indicated a lower value, and the Property Appraiser was able to reduce the value assessed accordingly, the taxing authorities are authorized by this law to raise tax rates to get the same revenue they had the prior year without calling it a tax increase! It is the old smoke and mirror game that politicians have been playing forever. Let’s face it, politicians do not react quickly to the people’s concerns, in fact, usually it takes decades to rouse them from their functionary tasks for the lobbyists. It is only when the lobbyists get involved do you ever see a political body show life and then it’s for the wrong reasons.

The homeowner insurance problems are directly related to the lobbyists of big insurance. These insurance companies have been making huge profits over the years from Florida residents and now that they have had setbacks, they want to bail out. 9The year 2005 was the insurance industry greatest ever with more than $40 billion in profit. 2006 was even better, with more than $50 billion in profit. I would tell them that if they want to continue to sell profitable insurance policies in the state, policies such as, annuity, life insurance and car insurance, they must still provide homeowners insurance. These insurance companies are national corporations and they should not sacrifice the people of central Florida when they are just a portion of their bigger national picture. The smaller home owners are being sacrificed by the insurance industry primarily because of the tremendous costs involved in replacing the mansions that are built along the coastlines. ENOUGH.

Unlimited growth is not an end unto itself. Citrus, Levy, and Hernando counties have grown in leaps and bounds over the last 30 years. A certain amount of growth is good when it creates more jobs, a better infrastructure for the welfare of the people, but when it continues unabated all of its benefits are nullified because of the unfair burden it puts on local government in terms of the costs in maintaining that infrastructure. I do not want Citrus, Levy, and Hernando counties to become another, Miami-Dade, Hillsborough, or Broward County. Our tax structure naturally inhibits growth. If we dramatically change that, we can look forward to the peninsula becoming a vast playground for the wealthy while the people who live and work here year round bear the cost of Corporate America’s profiteering.


taxpayer pledge



The Chronicle had invitied me to give a short speech at the candidate debate that was held on May 24, 2007. I declined because it would have confused some people (I do not have to participate in the PRIMARY) and I did not want to give my opponents in the GENERAL election a jump on my ideas.

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