Big news. President Obama is threatening to veto CISPA, the bill that could give the government and big companies limitless powers to spy on us online.

The President has folded on a lot of things in the past, but finally, yes finally, there is hope, the tide maybe changing, from the GOP Corporate Fascist rule back to our rule.Start the Journey before the path is washed away, EYEONCITRUS.COM As the old saying goes, the journey of a thousand miles, begins with the first step! Don’t sit on the sidelines, get involved, it’s for the awakening of America.

They have been pulling the foundation of our society apart, brick by brick, setting policies that crumble the family unit, the cornerstone of our Nation, NO MORE.

This is a huge moment in our campaign to beat back this assault on our online civil liberties. Millions have already told Congress it must not pass this bill.

Let’s pile on and stop this thing. Tell Congress to say "NO" to the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act.

This week, members of Congress proposed five amendments they said would allay our concerns. But even with these changes, CISPA would still give the NSA — the domestic spying agency — even more power to snoop on our texts, our emails, our web history and everything else we do online. CYBER INTELLIGENCE SHARING & PROTECTION ACT THE OTHER FOOT OF THE PATRIOT ACT AND THE DISMANTLING OF OUR CONSTITUTION

The White House agrees that this is a problem. That’s why it made the move to publicly oppose CISPA.

Help us take advantage of this moment. Tell your member of Congress: "Vote ‘NO’ on CISPA."


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Research the news, discover the truth for yourself. There is not much of it in the National Media, you have to delve into the realm of blogs and out of the way sites to discern the truth.

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    Patriot here.

    Please copy/paste on internet randomly, for days as this will be censored.

    There is an small apartment complex, next to a Church, across from Union Pediatric Associates PA: Krul Geddy J MD… ( Chestnut Street. ), and on same street where these STALKING OPERATIVES may be operating from. Including, one possible agent driving a Green Explorer. May be switching vehicles. This guy seems like the Zimmerman type, a crony of a cop or something. Please google: POLICE GANGSTALKING. This involves all kinds of rabble (cronies). They target innocent people. Operatives , possibly including fire and police, may be involved in trafficking of substances as well. Above the law!!! Your tax dollars going to the BLACK BUDGET…

    Basically, police, firemen, security rabble (and cronies) appear to be attacking/stalking citizens COVERTLY (network)…in many cases for having reported crime, looking different, or “just because”. The electronic surveillance works in tandem with breaking into homes. Do the math. They stalk to watch , and report home vulnerability, so they can break in, plant devices, or steal. You will find network operatives at local hospital, FIVE POINTS BURGER JOINT ,YMCA, etc., and even outside Seven Eleven, using bluetooth communications.They are petty criminals, authorized to serve, but instead, as Kennedy warned…they are part of a secret network… many use the masonic symbol..low level idiots, and attend lodges.

    There is reason to believe some of these surveillance types have been breaking into homes COVERTLY…please see:

    “SNEAK AND PEEK” (authorizing police to come into your home while you are not there). That’s what surveillance is for. The stalking is to watch and see when homes are “isolated, so they can plant bugs (entrapment), or steal (GPS tracking devices planted on your car). An unlimited black budget of your tax dollars at work. By organized criminals.

    God help us all.

    P.S. What are Elks, Lions, and the rest of fraternal centers, but..Satanic lodges..

    Video if you are not the go along to get along type that will be held responsible for destroying this world:

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