Rand Paul the road to disaster

Do you remember Rand Paul?

He’s the Republican candidate for Senate in Kentucky that went on Rachel Maddow to oppose provisions in the Civil Rights Actafter his surprise victory in the primary.

He’s taken max-out checks from Citizens United – the group whose lawsuit led to the new avalanche of corporate election spendinghe’s talked about opposing the Americans with Disabilities Act, and he’s opposed Medicare.

But Paul’s opponent, Jack Conway, has spent that time growing stronger and stronger.

Jack Conway is holding a moneybomb today for his Conway Fight Fund, when supporters all over the country are coming together to help beat Rand Paul.

I’m helping Jack Conway, and I know he could use your help too.

Click here to contribute $25 or more to Jack Conway’s moneybomb to beat Rand Paul now!

This race, with Jack Conway against Rand Paul — and in Kentucky of all places — is hands down one of the best chances Democrats have to take over a Republican seat in 2010.

Conway has spent years protecting people as Kentucky’s attorney general, supported health care reform, and wants to restrict special interest election spending. He’s also taken every mistake Paul has made and used it to grow his numbers.

And today, supporters from all over the state and the country have pledged to make contributions to help Jack Conway fight, all in the same 24 hours.

It will stand as a sign of our determination, a sign of our unity, and a sign that people all across the country are coming together to beat Rand Paul and pick up this Republican Senate seat.

Make a contribution of $25 or more to the Conway Fight Fund now and help beat Rand Paul!

We have to win this, and we will win with Jack Conway.


Chuck Schumer


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