Alan Simpson compared Social Security to welfare, saying: “We’ve reached a point now where [Social Security] is like a milk cow with 310 million tits.”

Well, progressives in Congress are fighting back. Can you help?

It’s been widely reported that Simpson’s “deficit reduction” commission will make Social Security their prime target — choosing to cut a program that’s in surplus and helps the middle class instead of taking on tax cuts for the rich or wasteful military spending.

Ten bold members of Congress just announced a letter to President Obama saying they’ll vote against any proposal from Simpson’s commission that cuts Social Security. They deserve our support.

Will you help us get 25,000 “citizen signers” of this letter opposing cuts to Social Security by signing it and inviting your friends? Click here.

These bold members of Congress, led by Progressive Caucus Chair Raul Grijalva (D-AZ), are asking their colleagues to join their letter. Proof that the public is paying attention to this issue will help them immensely.

We’ll also inform the media of our growing number of “citizen signers” so Simpson’s commission knows that these ten members of Congress are not alone. Sign the letter here.

Simpson’s commission is packed with out-of-touch millionaires and corporate types. Any recommendation they make will lack credibility. But we need to make especially clear to Simpson’s commission, President Obama, and all of Congress that any proposal to cut Social Security is a non-starter.

Can you join together with progressives in Congress to send this message? Click here to add your name — then tell your friends.

Thanks for being a bold progressive,

Julia Rosen, Stephanie Taylor, Adam Green, Forrest Brown, and the rest of the PCCC team


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