Jim Geer in handcuffs!

Many of us remember when Jim Greer was walked away in handcuffs, but I didn’t think it would lead me to writing THIS. (written by Dem Party Chair, I believe, lost original email).

Florida needs your help.

Today, several hundred documents were released from the case against indicted RPOF Chairman Jim Greer. Since this scandal came to light, the Florida Democratic Party has warned that Republican politicians including Bill McCollum, Dean Cannon, John Thrasher, and others were not being truthful about their roles.

Throughout files and documents released as part of the criminal case against Jim Greer, there are documents showing that McCollum, Cannon, Thrasher and others not only knew about Greer’s alleged corruption but they also tried to help cover it up.

While we are digging through the documents ourselves, there is a lot to look through and we need your help. We have made the documents available online so you can look through them and help us make sure everything important is found.

Chair Karen Thurman has repeatedly demanded a full and independent investigation. But the Republicans who control Tallahassee are trying to block the investigations into their culture of corruption, instead trying to make Jim Greer the fall guy for their misdeeds.

This is our chance as citizens to make sure that we get to the bottom of this shameful scandal. That is why we have posted everything for you to look through and are asking you to let us know what you find.

So please take a minute and help us sort through the documents and help us hold these politicians like McCollum, Cannon, Thrasher, and others accountable for what they’ve done.

Thanks you for your support and your time in volunteering to help us to uncover the truth.


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