Dear Editor,
Yesterday, June 22, I attended a meeting of the Board of Citrus County of Commissioners.

All I have to say is that the commissioners need to read an etiquette book to form some manners as established by convention as acceptable and required in official life. Of course they were very nice to each other – even going into the length of time that one of them had been married, one also extended a fishing invitation to the retiring attorney – during an official meeting, I wonder if that was put in the minutes also!

But when it came to representatives of another Constitutional Office, the Citrus County School Board wherein are elected officials, it was a different story. One of the commissioners, as reported in the Chronicle stated that “Not only no, but hell no” as to his opinion of how the citizens would vote, in opposition to a very much needed referendum being on the ballot for our school system having the necessary funding so that Citrus County school students will be protected from the elements with proper shelter, roofing, air-conditioning, etc., otherwise known as “critical outlay needs” for 2001-2003. Yet during the meeting the BOCC approved funding of 15.7 million for widening County Road 486 from  Ottawa Road – that the BOCC recently approved payment of over 2 million dollars for in a very exclusive neighborhood of Citrus County – when it comes to how this neighborhood drives – the sky is the limit. when it come to the children of Citrus County in the public school system, their shelter does not seem to matter that much. Too bad children can’t pay taxes too, maybe then they would really count!!!

Several other of the commissioners stated that they would vote against the school system having these much needed funds, without being asked their opinion. Do their statements help our children?

School Board attorney Wes Bradshaw and Citrus School System – Director of Planning Chuck Dixon did a very good job representing the Citrus County School Board against such BOCC opposition. I could not take it anymore so I spoke in behalf of the children having proper facilities to attend, since I do care for children in fact my project of Proclamations Against Child Pornography have been adopted by six cities and Dunnellon will make the seventh soon. I told the BOCC that and that and also that the School Board attorney and Mr. Dixon have researched the school tax referendum matter and should know what the children need and that the commissioners should respect their opinions and  the need for “critical outlay needs” should be on the ballot. The commissioners did eventually vote for ” Critical capital outlay needs” to be on the ballot. I hope that it passes in November: For the children!!!

Renee McPheeters
Crystal River

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Research the news, discover the truth for yourself. There is not much of it in the National Media, you have to delve into the realm of blogs and out of the way sites to discern the truth.

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  1. I guess that’s why Commissioner Bartell never sent any of his kids to our schools.

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