Why hasn’t he been indicted for war crimes?

Dick Cheney June 6 at 10:18am Report

Enjoyed your message on George. Have you ever read or seen anything
explaining why he has not been indicted for war crimes? I have e-mailed the
Hague, contacted senators & reps & have never had a reply.

David Gregory
June 6 at 1:43pm

Let’s face it, the United States is the most powerful Empire in the World and
any justice would have to originate from within; it doesn’t come, because of the
wide spread involvement of those who covered up 911, after all, you have a
powerful, albeit, unknown branch of government which represents the Corporate
Fascists Oligarchy that runs everything.

Remember this group orchestrated an attack on the Capitol and the Pentagon,
you had members of Congress running all over the place, not knowing what was
happening, those who were not in on it. The rest surely had the fear of God
instilled into them. To acknowledge that you know the truth risks the same
ramifications that befell the Kennedy’s.

Realistically, the chance that they will ever pay for their crimes is next to
none, the general public is in abyss of apathy and they alone would be ill
equipped to do much about it. What is needed is someone in a powerful position,
such as the current President, to get the ball rolling. It doesn’t appear that
that is very likely, so time goes on, until these wars end, and the War Machine
needs another shot in the arm to keep the bucks rolling in, after all, the war
machine millionaires gotta keep up the Wall Street bankers!

Interesting choice of nomenclature.


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