Neo-Cons decades of deceit

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Best Cartoon for describing the conditions of today, June 5, 2010, a picture is worth a thousand words.

I know the history of this country and I know where the blame lies and to whom, now Obama may be part of it, in the overall picture, but as yet, the proof is in the making. If Obama begins to remove the Patriot Act, lock up the people for 911, disassemble THE FED, and generally wrestles the control of this Nation away from the Corporate Fascists Oligarchy that has controlled it, controls it now and will forever control it to the demise of our Nation, unless he helps us take it back, then we will know that he is with them and not us.

It started a long time ago, the Neo Cons had played Monopoly with the people’s monies and sank the country into the Great Depression, as a result, Roosevelt was elected and they thought it meant dire consequences for them and their money making operations. They made plans to overthrow the elected President, the big names of Wall Street were in on it, but the man they had enlisted, a thirty three year retired General from the U.S. Marines, Smedley Butler(Click here to hear BBC’s on Gen. Butler), (Click here to read General Butler’s Book) turned them in. Unfortunately, President Roosevelt didn’t pursue it, these men could have been executed for treason, but the President felt it was more important to get the country out of the Great Depression by getting his New Deal legislation passed.

These traitors from Wall Street help Germany become another power after their First World War defeat by trading with them, but more importantly, supplying them with the essential steel works necessary for their War Machine that ultimately overran Europe making it necessary for the United States and its allies to form the biggest assault force of all time to free Europe from the fists of their Fascist Regimes. The traitors had originally admired Hitler and the fascist form of government with their intention to have Butler form that type of government after the coup of Roosevelt.

Their plans failed and Roosevelt got the New Deal, Germany flourished with the traitors aid and nine years later World War II began, and during this time, the sore festered, but it was relieved by the money that was made and all that was to be made by the military-industrial complex. The lesson born was war was a profitable enterprise and was even more profitable when you supplied both sides, a lesson that was carried on by the puppet manipulators, the CIA and others every since the end of the Second World War. These people continued even after the beginning of the Second World War to trade with Germany and it was not until the trading with the Enemy Act was passed did these traitors of the highest degree, discontinue the policy, although new evidence has surfaced that show the possibility that trade continued through the auspices of neutral nations and the Vatican.

Time moves on, the War is won, President Eisenhower warns in his farewell address of the Military-Industrial Complex, which is another term for the neo-conservatives and the Wall Street elitist. The new President stands up to them and a coup takes place, they murdered him and continue to murder his family, as an example to all future Presidents who might so be inclined as to make War the last resort, they go undeterred for ten years in Vietnam, not forgetting Korea, and not forgetting all the other clandestine operations ever since, that most Americans don’t know about or could care less about. And with this unbridled success of subterfuge they got even bolder, knowing they have succeeded in the past, what’s to stop them in any future war endeavor? 911 and what else to come? JFK assassination to 911, connecting the dots, this DVD fills in the details, naming these people and where they are now, the faces may change, but their goals do not, its release date has been delayed because of the gleaning of evidence. The neo-cons unbridled success with the JFK coup, led them to the 911, who knows what else they have in store for us, do you want your children to pay the consequences?


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