Gulf Catastrophe or Drill, Baby, Drill

The depth of this catastrophe will have worldwide ramifications and note who it is that covers this story with in-depth analysis; it is not the American media, but rather the BBC. The tentacles of Corporate America will soon discover even their manipulation of the news will not hide these facts. (DRILL, BABY, DRILL!-will prove to be very haunting words) Oh, by the way, guess who is one of the corporate behemoths involved in this debacle? None other than Dick Cheney’s Halliburton! And make no mistake about it; it’s you and I who are going to pay for this. The oil companies need to be nationalized; they have made obscene profits for countless years and will continue to do so, even during this economic collapse that we are in because no one has had the balls to stand up to them and say, enough is enough. These companies, in the same manner as wall street and the banking industries (why should a fifty thousand dollar home cost us $300,000?), have been screwing Americans far too long. When economic times are tough these companies make record setting profits, talk about disaster profiteering(which is a crime)! Sure the government says they will pay for this spill but we all know how that plays out at the pumps.

Nationalize these companies, charge reasonable rates at the pumps and the economic crisis would be turned around in months, rather than years. Transportation cost is the boot on the throat of the economic recovery, if we removed the boot then essential commodities would once again be affordable releasing surplus monies to stimulate growth and expansion. The Texas mafia has run this country into the toilet, lock them up and throw away the key.

The elite alwasy think they know what's best for you, think for yourselfs.Now don’t let the boogieman scare you with the “isms” that will emerge, it’s time to grow up and see the world as adults rather than children who are easily led into the car not realizing what the future has in store for them.


About Liberty

Research the news, discover the truth for yourself. There is not much of it in the National Media, you have to delve into the realm of blogs and out of the way sites to discern the truth.

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