FLASH FORWARD, Dire Warning?

FLASEFORWARD, Dire Warning?I watched FLASH FORWARD Thursday night; it’s on ABC, 8 P.M. Eastern Time. Following it from last season, I surmised what might have caused the black out of the whole world for 2 minutes and 17 seconds, an event that caused around 20 million deaths worldwide. Last night’s episode confirmed my initial hypothesis, that this occurrence had to do with the experimentation going on in Geneva at the headquarters for CERN, European Organization for Nuclear Research, not sure how they get the acronym CERN out of that, unless the C is for the Collider! Also it’s French, so who knows. You’ll be able to find additional posts about CERN elsewhere on this site which give greater detail on what CERN actually is and what it’s trying to prove, click here for one.

The season premiere was two hours long, showing episodes, Revelation Zero, part one and two. Click here for part 1, part 2, these episodes tie up some of the loose ends from the first season. There is a group of villains trying to determine what voltage was used during the experiment that precipitated the blackout and they are willing to do anything to find out that information. As it turns out, CERN, as I write this, is continually upping the voltage in their ongoing experiment with the highest voltage coming near the end of the year in 2012?

This reminds me of another show that premiered on March 4, 2001, The Lone Gunman, Predicted 911, scripts furnished by CIAa spin-off of the popular series, the X-files. The writers for these shows got their ideas from people in the respective fields of interest and the Lone Gunman pilot episode was no exception. It dealt with a jet being crashed into one of the twin towers in order to promote warfare in the Middle East. This show air 6 months before 911! Click here to watch a portion of the Lone Gunman pilot.


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