Abortion No War Yes a Paradoxical Dilemma

“For those of you who haven’t yet experienced the inequality of health-care, be patient (no pun intended), YOU WILL. In much the same manner as home owners, who lost their home coverage after the many weather calamities that befell the Nation in 2005, your health insurance road map to disaster is on the horizon. If you don’t support a revamp of our health care system you will have no one else to blame for the future that will envelope you. Remember, corporate America’s concern for you is nonexistence, their bottom line is their bottom line, nothing else!” “Have you ever wondered how a party that is so blatantly anti-people, in terms of caring and providing, can be such an advocate against abortion? It seems paradoxical, yet the answer is quite obvious. They cannot have anything that might cut down their reserve of manpower for all their future wars and clandestine operations; we must have a never ending supply of bodies to man the front-lines.” “Don’t kill them in the womb, but after their out, don’t care for them, limit their education, prime them for future warfare, anything goes!” “What a Grand Old Party.”¬†Dave.

“After all, fear is the only course the Republicans know, it is how they took control of the country, by creating super villains that can do anything that we, as the most powerful Nation on earth, were unable to stop, forgetting the billions that were spent on the military year after year. They created from a CIA operative, a super villain, one who was able to supersede our every defense and destroy the Twin Towers and building #7! Osama bin Laden, a mere mortal man given extraordinary powers, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, no wait, that’s Superman, excuse me, able to take down tall buildings with two jets, no wait, that would require control demolition! Oh, well, I mean, you should get the point, shouldn’t you? Your head is still attached to your neck, right? Sometimes being an adult is hard, but if you let yourself succumb to the horror stories that those who would rule you want you to believe, then you are but a child in the hands of the grand manipulators. Make no mistake, there is evil out there, and that evil is just waiting for you to let down your common sense and turn your brain into mush because when that happens you lose control and you place your destiny into the hands of those whose only concern is their profit margin. Don’t let the bogie man and scary words turn off your brain and common sense. A great man once said, “You have nothing to fear, but fear itself” FDR. Take a deeper look into those words and maybe you’ll understand the meaning.” Dave

Unless Congress revamps the nation’s health-care system, the federal government can weigh in on “wildly exorbitant” insurance rate increases only by pressuring insurance companies to publicly justify them, Health and Human Services Secretary¬†Kathleen Sebelius said.

But Sebelius continued to emphasize the industry’s profits to reporters. She said a financial analyst on Thursday predicted WellPoint is likely to outperform the market this year.

“What that translates into is good news for shareholders of WellPoint and really bad news for consumers, because they are clearly going to collect more money and return that in terms of dividends as opposed to paying out medical claims,” she said.

Thursday’s meeting, conducted in the White House’s Roosevelt Room, was the latest effort by the administration and congressional Democrats to shine a light on premium increases.

WellPoint in particular has been castigated for proposing to raise rates by as much as 39 percent for some of its California customers and as much as 50 percent in Indiana.

President Barack Obama wants to establish a federal review process for insurance rate increases and would require insurance companies to spend a certain portion of premiums on paying customers’ health bills.

“I haven’t decided if Obama is for the people or not, I have my doubts, but I do know the system is broken, has been broken, and it’s been like that forever, so if you don’t attempt to change the status quo, nothing will change and in this case change is absolutely necessary and we cannot continue to slide down the slippery slope of no return.” Dave


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