False Health Debate: Shall We Be Forced To Buy Corporate Insurance By Law Or By Necessity?

“This is a reprint of an email I received from the Pen, author unknown, but very well versed. Click on the link further down in the message to go to his or her site”. Dave.

By the time you read the next couple paragraphs the veil will be lifted from  your eyes and you will finally understand what is really going on with the health care “debate”, which up to this point has been a total fraud on the American people.Two Heads of the Corporate Body

On the one hand we have the Republicans. They are for privatization, deregulation and the “free market”, all deceptive synonyms for giving all power to, and putting us totally at the mercy of, the corporations. In the Republican world view, we will be forced to buy corporate medical insurance if we can afford it, and simply die if we cannot (or if they cheat us out of our coverage).

On the other hand we have the Democrats. They serve the SAME corporate contributors. But where the Republicans would force us to buy corporate medical “care” by direness of necessity, the Democrats would do it by force of LAW. Hence, they are pushing for a forcible mandate for everyone to buy insurance from an artificial “market” with no options OTHER than corporate insurance. And when the system goes bust from the overhead, and can no longer provide coverage because of unconstrained corporate greed, again people will simply die.

It is a false and ultimately meaningless choice. It is like giving a condemned person a choice of the method of their execution. But one thing is certain. If the Democrats perversely persist in this it spells the END of the Democratic party. They will be wiped out in the next couple elections and there will be nothing left of them. And if you care whether that happens or not, YOU must tell them that. Because not telling them will not keep it from happening. The only thing that can stop it is if THEY finally
understand that they are no longer fooling you.

Action Page:


This action page has the subject line, “A Forcible Mandate For Corporate Medical Insurance Means The END Of Your Political Career.” It will send faxes for you just by submitting the form, you do not
need a fax machine of your own. For those who might find our assertions melodramatic now, consider
the source. On September 13 of last year (over 5 months ago), for those of youwho were on our list then and remember, just after President Obama’s speech to the nation and to Congress on health care, we put out an alert entitled “Obama’s New Improved Leech Therapy”.

As stalwart progressives, it was clear to us from that speech, and we warned, that Obama had NO intention of letting a “public option” of any kind survive in the end. We told you that the so-called
public option was never intended to be anything but a bait and switch to get gullible people of insufficient conviction and determination to give up working for true single payer.

To say that many were skeptical about our warnings is an understatement. And we have the shockingly vicious and insultingand foul mouthed hate mail from some of those no longer on our list to prove it,
accusing us of being racist and all manner of other utterly irrational and ignorant lunacy, something we would have thought fellow progressives were not prone to. Speaking the truth is tough and sometimes thankless work.

But everything we warned about has now come to pass word for word. Indeed, it is clear to all by now the degree that Obama is fighting AGAINST any alternative to a complete corporate takeover of health care. First they told us that we could not have anything evern remotely in the ball park of single payer because we did not have 60 votes. And yet, even as they are gearing up to force through the most despised bill in American political history by some parliamentary trick that only needs 51 votes, suddenly they can’t even muster THAT many for a real alternative.

“So it would appear that no matter what side ultimately succeeds in getting it’s way, the American people lose, as usual, because when you have a two headed snake it makes no difference which head you cut off. The only real choice is the public option, a choice that neither party wants because both are ultimately controlled by Corporate America.” Dave

President Obama was happy to selectively discuss today the various isolated selling point proposals that poll well. But these are just the most thin of sugar coatings on the most gigantic bitter pill
the American people have ever been asked to swallow. Try polling the forced mandate and see what those numbers are if you dare look. And if they try to force it down our throats as is, the political careers of any of those who vote for it are FINISHED, in which case we will all suffer the more.

If YOU speak out in sufficient numbers we can stop this from happening. If not, it will all transpire just as we have warned . . .again. Those are the stakes. Just so we are clear.


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