Ugly Truth about Federal Reserve

Americans Must Learn About the Federal Reserve. This Agency is Not Connected With the Federal Government. Their Sole Purpose is to Economically Enslave Americans.

The truth about the Federal Reserve is it is a private institution, owned by a criminal group of industrial and financial leaders. The Fed provides its owners with control over the people of the United States, along with a good portion of the nation’s wealth.

It has taken many decades for Americans to get a sense of the reality that the government, including the elected representatives, is powerless when compared to the Fed. No matter what the politicians say, the government gets into deeper debt to the Fed. Income rises as state services decline, and it becomes harder every year for ordinary Americans to live and look after their families.

The financial crisis that started to bloom in 2008 has Americans really upset.

That’s because the government has come up with the silliest solution you could ever think of; they were able to convince the Fed to print trillions of worthless dollars to get the affected businesses out of debt.

The taxpayers know instinctively that they themselves will pay the bill. They just don’t know exactly how this is going to happen. What you need to know about the Federal Reserve is that it is the only body in the United States that is allowed to print currency, the U.S. dollar.

You should also know that it is a privately owned bank, which is owned in turn by 12 regional central banks and some other state banks. Who exactly owns these banks, the shareholders do not know.

The proceedings of the Federal Reserve Board for public consumption, and even the decisions made at these meetings, are kept secret, with the scantiest of information reluctantly released weeks after taking place.

The Fed operates in order for its owners to make money, nothing more and nothing less. It has the power to print money, but it does not use the money itself.

Instead, it accumulates over a trillion dollars a year, completely tax free. The revenue comes from its willing slaves, the U.S. taxpayers.

The way it works is this: the vast bulk of money owed to the Fed is owed by the U.S. government. There is no question of the government paying back the principal, which runs into trillions of spurious dollars. Instead, it has signed over all the income tax paid by Americans to the Federal Reserve Bank.

That, at least, has some kind of intrinsic value (the hard labor of those who earned it) and these tax dollars comprise the Fed’s profit. Its owners then pour money into real assets like real estate, gold, silver and resources.

They also pour dollars into media businesses so that they control all you hear about the Federal Reserve–media businesses including ABC, NBC, CBS, BET, Turner, and CNN.

The unpalatable truth about the Federal Reserve is that it has caused the economy to run on empty for the past forty years, and Americans are only waking up to the fact now.


Congressmen and Senators have tried to stop the abuses of this small and secret group of people who dominate the U.S. financial system, but they have not succeeded. Some of these elected representatives, notably Henry B. Gonzalez (D-Texas), who is an outspoken critic of the Fed, have spent decades into trying to get it abolished, without success.

He called for the Federal Reserve to be audited (it has never been audited, neither has it ever paid taxes), and he called for the Federal Reserve Board meetings to be held in public.

The then Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board, Alan Greenspan, and the then President Bill Clinton, both argued against it. Nothing has changed.


With every day that passes, the beneficiaries of the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank (the shareholders, in other words) grow richer than it is possible to imagine. Do not for a single second think that these people have any respect for the dollar. They are not dollar billionaires because they know the dollar is worthless.

Instead, they convert their wealth rapidly into tangible, real goods that will never decline in value–wealth such as real estate, valuable finite resources, shares in companies that deal in real estate and such resources, and easily portable goods such as gold, silver, platinum, and diamonds.

Only poor dupes, like the mass of American citizens, still believe in the dollar. The people of America need to rise up and refuse to use dollars that are printed by the Fed.


These people do not care what happens to the United States. They don’t care if it booms or busts. They don’t care about you. They don’t care about anyone, anywhere, and they don’t care about the planet.

They care about power and profits and real wealth. Remember that all their wealth is of the sort that is unaffected by banknotes and coins. They are above the law, above the people and above the government.


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Research the news, discover the truth for yourself. There is not much of it in the National Media, you have to delve into the realm of blogs and out of the way sites to discern the truth.

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