NBC News the Masterminds of 911

I'm not this David GregoryNBC News-The Masterminds of 911 are going to be tried in New York City. Imagine that? Osama Bin Linden must of have been captured right? After all, isn’t he the mastermind of 911, wasn’t that what we were told and wasn’t that the reason we invaded Iraq and Afghanistan? Wait, no, we’re not talking about Bin Linden, we’re talking about Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and the other four conspirators allegedly involved in 911!

But let’s forget about this deception, because this absolutely is more important, if it is a real trial, and not another orchestrated event for public consumption, then there is a possibility for the truth to come out. That is why most of the Republican Party and those Democrats, who have also turned traitor to this country, do not want any such occurrence, because they are all involved in the biggest cover up since John Kennedy’s assassination. War tribunal’s accounts are easier to manipulate and keep hidden and that is why there is so many wanting to continue with the Bush secret agenda involved in invading the Middle East.

Our country’s war footing is all based on deceit and lies. These lies have allowed Corporate America’s Military-Industrial Complex, along with their associated companies, to rape and pillage our resources leaving us in the worst recession since the Great Depression. A multi-billion dollar military-industrial complex must have an excuse to be maintained and that is hard to do when there is no formidable enemy out there today, so when one does not exist, let’s create one! In the same manner that Project Northwood existed during the Kennedy Administration (a project that Kennedy discontinued when he discovered it), a plan where “stage” American aircraft were to be high jacked by phony Cubans and shot down with U.S. citizens aboard, giving the United States an excuse to invade Cuba.

There are a lot of scenarios that might happen to halt these trials from taking place in the United States, anything from assassination to another alleged terrorist plot. I do not think there is much chance for these trials to actually take place. The traitors are many and the consequences are grave. How to keep a cover-up covered up will be too daunting for the criminals just to hang loose.

What really happen on Sept 11, 2001, how did the so-called “airliners” actually bring down the towers and Building # 7? Millions know the truth; will you be one of them?

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