I finished reading Dan Brown’s new book, The Lost Symbol. It is in the familiar style of The Da Vinci Code with the decoding of various clues to lead to the Lost Symbol. It was great with Robert Landon leading you through the well known and the less known streets of Washington D.C. and all the secrets they hold. With a hard look at the Freemason’s and all of their secrets, I came to the conclusion that they are not the as bad as the conspiracy throngs would have you believe. Ultimately, the more the manipulators of our society and government can point you at different benign organizations, the less likelihood you’ll discover the true conspirators of our shadow government. As always Dan Brown wraps an excellent story around historical locations and events, which in my opinion is the essence of a good book. With so many of our founding fathers being Freemasons it is an interesting journey on how our Nation was built with the Free Masons beliefs and designs in mind. Was the original Capital built with a Crypt that had an eternal flame that was kept lit for over fifty years at the beginning of our Nation? Was George Washington deified into a God? Was the United States founded upon Christianity? These are just a small sample of the questions that are raised during the telling of this tale! Dan Brown delves into all the religions and the underlying essence that each possess and into the Noetic Science arena and the power of thought. The self-castrated villain, Malakh is looking for the Lost Symbol of the Free Masons which he believes will give him almost “God” like powers! Does he find it? And how does the C.I.A. get involved in this search? It’s a roller coaster ride tailing off a little at the end but still leaving you wanting more. ENJOY….

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