geoginiaBUSHOILrigCorporate America’s Republican pundits and those Democrats, who have fallen, don’t support our Nation, our People, or our Servicemen. When they deride one of these elements of our Nation, they are deriding the Nation as a whole, totally UNAMERICAN and totally unacceptable. United we stand is an alien term to the GOP. In one breath they scream support our troops, whom they have put in harm’s way by crimes, falsehoods, and with less than adequate equipment, in the next breath they scream our people don’t deserve health-care, at least not as good as the government run health-care that our servicemen, which is the best, get.

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So our people suffer because Corporate America would rather have the billions going to fight made up wars, just so their billionaire Military-Industrial Complex friends can continue to rake in the trillions of dollars, with no end in sight and be damned to the people. Can’t you see what’s wrong with this? Who do they think makes up America? It’s the people, it’s the people who fight and die for their military adventures where profit is the only motivation. It’s the people who pay for all their military toys that enrich their friends, through your hard earned incomes.

They hide under this mantra of hate, hoping with enough derisive bemoaning they will avoid the light of truth and be able to continue their lies and scams which has robbed this country of its wealth, its youth, and its heart. Divide and Conquer is their weapon of choice, be damned to the Nation. The good people have silently stood by for years while these scoundrels have raped and pillage our Nation. This can no longer be the case. We have seen what has happened, look at the history, look at the cause and effect, and you will discover that the evil empire has been the United States and how it has been controlled by the Military-Industrial Complex through their paid lackeys and their puppet master, the C.I.A.

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They wish the worst for our country. They have demonstrated this on so many occasions, on so many levels. The most recent was celebrating the United States losing the Olympic bid, then they ridicule the President winning the Nobel Peace Prize! A cause to celebrate for any other Nation, yet these fascist corporate goons ridicule this high honor. Make no mistake they celebrate every failure that befalls this country, from losing men on the battle field to the economic depression, the people realized they were one the ones responsible for these catastrophes and voted them out of office yet they cannot understand that their paid representation of fascist corporate ideology will be their ultimate downfall because the people have spoken and their next call casting will be in the courtroom to answer for their crimes. Remember there is no statute of limitations for murder! They are evil and their disguise is disappearing.


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Research the news, discover the truth for yourself. There is not much of it in the National Media, you have to delve into the realm of blogs and out of the way sites to discern the truth.

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