I’m sure those of you my age, I’m a baby boomer, born in 1950, can remember some of the politics of our youth. The first President I distinctly remember was Dwight Eisenhower; in fact, I remember several, “Weekly Readers” at school, having articles about the President of our Nation. Then, of course, I remember John Kennedy and the bright future that that young man brought to our Nation and how cowardly it was removed from our grasp. I remember the politicians could disagree with each other but still possessed a modicum of respect for their political rival. That has totally disappeared in our society today and there are many reasons that have come together to move our culture and the rest of the world into the Dark Ages of the 21st Century.

As soon as this Great Experiment emerge from the Revolutionary War it was attacked, much like a new born baby that emerges from its mother womb soon to be assaulted from many sides from disease and viruses. This new baby, this Democratic Republic was assailed from the beginning by those seeking to grasp control of the new infant. The baby put up a valiant fight, but in much like the spread of Cancer, its days are numbered. Two hundred thirty three years is a relatively young age for a Nation, but we all know of someone who has died in their youth, never to have realized their full potential, and this would seem to be the course for the United States. So it will not be just the passing of a Nation that never realized its potential but also that of a people, a people that have been blinded by the dreaded disease of Cancer and do not even realize they have it, until ultimately, it will be too late.

But why would this new experiment of granting ordinary men freedom, the rights to choose the way they live their lives, why would this be opposed or at least, blunted to such an extent to ultimately vanquish their freedoms? One reason is that the manipulators, the ultra rich, do not believe that ordinary people can govern themselves, they are not educated enough, they lack the proper grooming; they are just not their equals. Yet even with these beliefs, do they try to do anything that would make them, in their eyes, more acceptable to govern themselves? No, just the opposite is true, which reveals their underlying belief that no one is their equal and their goal is to make the bottom line, their bottom line, in whatever particular corporate enterprise they are concerned with, the most profitable it can possible be, regardless, of safety, health, or even life and deaths concerns. Be damn to you and the earth, our moment is now to enjoy and prosper from, to run amok among the Gods, we are the Gods, just look how we have manipulated world events and people’s minds, certainly they can never be our equal!

The corruption that came about in government was not born of the men who had the high ideals to form and serve this Nation, programs that were passed, to help people, became corrupt when corporations and banks got their hands into it and basically tried to screw the government out of every dime they could get from us (toilet seats $200, hammers $100, etc). Then these same individuals, managed to persuade the masses, the ordinary people that the problem was with government and not them. The masses were duped into taking government out of the equation and letting private enterprise run our business, these same people, the foxes, who had been wining, dining, and corrupting our political leaders in the first place, were then put in charge of the hen house.

The greatest way to achieve total control is by remaining in the background, remaining relatively unseen, but controlling events and media to get the desired effects. They acquired knowledge by trial and error; they experimented and became the wizards of perception manipulation.  They became so good at it, they kill a President in front of thousands, then years later, they brought down the twin towers on TV.

The actual processes are demonstrated through Ivan Pavlov experiments with dogs and with B.F. Skinner experiments with rats in the realm of behavioral modification and his well known, Skinner’s box experiments, it is important to note, that the era I am referring to is the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th. The knowledge, although in its infancy, was there for the 3rd successful attempt at gaining control of our government, during the 1913 Christmas holidays, the money trusts from around the world culminated their efforts in forming the FEDERAL RESERVE. Their own Banking Cartel that would control the fundamental policies of the United States, irrespective of which political party that happened to be in power. Although their Skinner’s box of the time was not as powerful as their omnipotent media control of today, it was this Cancer that would take away our Freedoms while laying the blame on the poorer sectors of our Nation. What better way to hide blame than to create scapegoats who could be blamed for all the problems within the Nation while you robbed the country blind.

Divide and conquer a lesson learned from history that has been successfully employed for over 100 years, disintegrating our culture as a whole. It is evident everyday in the newspapers, the TV shows, the movies, and in the displays of acrimony between our political representatives. With all these examples of how society should operate is it any wonder why there is such decadence within?

Because the ultra elite learned the processes of behavioral conditioning or modification so well, which Pavlov and Skinner experiments demonstrate, behavioral modification has occurred to the masses over many, many, years, it is the same conditions that occur in a cult, but on a much smaller scale, there have been rescued cult members who have been deprogrammed and brought back to reality. It is a monumental challenge for deprogramming cult members and it is next to impossible to deprogram the masses that have fallen within Corporate America “Skinner’s Box”, today’s media!

The answer is, of course, to join together, unite to face those who manipulate and control, Remember our forefathers who had it right, get rid of the tyrants of the Federal Reserve and the Reserve itself. If peace would break out around the world these war mongers would lose everything and the billions being spent on warfare could be spent on actually taking care of people. All the terrorists out there, wake up, stop being played by the war machine, let peace break out world-wide. I know the machine will do things to try and prevent this, but the resolve you show in creating carnage needs to be shown with peace, then the people of the world would know who is pulling all the strings. The war machine has sponsored both sides at one time or another throughout modern times, their aim is world conflict. The most harm that could be done them is peace. Peace with your fellow man, doesn’t have to be religiously motivated, just has to be implemented in order to preserve the human race. Because one day, we will have to face a much bigger and more ominous threat, a threat much greater than anything this world can pose.


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Research the news, discover the truth for yourself. There is not much of it in the National Media, you have to delve into the realm of blogs and out of the way sites to discern the truth.

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