Charlie Crist appoints old Campaign Manager

by Eric Jotkoff
Today, Charlie Crist appointed his old campaign manager and political crony George LeMieux to the United States Senate. While the U.S. Senate is taking up important legislation focusing on our economy, global warming, and health insurance reform – Floridians needed Charlie Crist to appoint a Senator who would fight for us in Washington. Unfortunately, by appointing LeMieux, Crist once again put his own political ambition above doing what is right for Florida.
For the past several years, LeMieux has been a special interest lobbyist who has made millions of dollars selling access to Crist to the highest corporate bidders in Tallahassee. Because he has never been elected to any office, “Senator” LeMieux has only ever been beholden to Charlie Crist, Republican Party donors, and his special interest clients – not the people of Florida.
This is just one more example of the Republican leadership in Tallahassee putting cronyism and corruption above the people of our state. From Ray Sansom, to former lobbyist Bill McCollum, to George LeMieux, it is clear that we must stand together and pledge to end the Republican culture of cronyism and corruption in Tallahassee:
In Tallahassee, the Republican culture of cronyism and corruption has run amuck.
Not only is Charlie Crist playing political games rather than working on behalf of the people of Florida, with the latest example
being his pick for U.S. Senate, but LeMieux’s appointment is just another in a long line of the cronyism and corruption from Republicans
in Tallahassee.
After Republican Speaker Ray Samson’s indictment and revelations about the Republican Party of Florida’s AmEx slush fund, now Charlie Crist taps his friend and campaign manager to go to the U.S. Senate. The shady, backroom dealings that have led to such a culture of corruption and cronyism have got to stop!
That’s why we need you to stand up against the culture of cronyism and corruption. Join me in standing against Charlie Crist’s appointment of
his crony, lobbyist George LeMieux and all the backroom deals that have become the status quo in Tallahassee.


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