Obama’s mother

President Obama faces obstacles in easing your pain

As I strolled down York Ave. past Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, I thought of our President’s mother.

Here at this world-renowned hospital, Stanley Ann Dunham experienced America at its best.

Highly skilled doctors.

The most dedicated and compassionate of nurses.

The latest research.

The newest technology.

Everything a person in need of healing could hope for in the richest country on Earth.

After the appropriate tests and scans, a Sloan oncologist informed Dunham she had advanced uterine cancer.

Then, Dunham experienced America at its worst.

The dire diagnosis was joined by an overshadowing worry she would have been spared in any other developed nation, a worry that harried her through her final dying agonies in 1995.

“In her last painful months, she was more worried about paying her medical bills than getting well,” her son recalled in a campaign ad titled simply “Mother.”

Barack Obama went on to say in the ad, “For 20 years, Washington has talked about health care reform and reformed nothing. I’ve got a plan to cut costs and cover everyone. But unless we stop the bickering with the lobbyists, we will be in the same place 20 years from now.”

That is threatening to prove all too true.

As before, the health care industry is doing its despicable best to maintain the oh-so-profitable status quo.

At the fore of the shill organizations opposing Obama’s reforms is Conservatives for Patients Rights, which aired an ad titled simply “Drop It” over the weekend.

“Say no to government-run health care,” the ad says. “Tell President Obama to drop his public option plan.”

The director and founder of CPR is Rick Scott, who was CEO of Columbia/HCA until the hospital conglomerate was caught perpetrating the biggest health care fraud in history, ripping off the government for hundreds of millions of dollars by overbilling Medicare, Medicaid and even the military’s health care program.

The company paid $1.7 billion in fines and restitution, but Scott was never charged with a crime. He was subjected to less legal sanction than some dope who beats the subway fare.

Perhaps that explains how Scott now has the gall to direct a $20 million campaign against Obama’s effort to reform health care. A man who reportedly used to boost profits by asking his company’s hospitals, “Whose patients are you stealing?” now puts out an ad saying, “It’s not too late to put patients first.”

Which makes you wonder how Obama can even consider dropping the government option, just like Scott’s “drop it” ad says.

Obama is clearly no Brooklyn guy, who would tell the “drop it” shill to stick it.

But maybe his even Hawaiian temperament, his “Aloha spirit,” is okay if we get real reform.

What matters most to Stanley Ann Dunham’s son is sparing others from having to worry about money even as you battle cancer.


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