What a lot of individuals have a hard time grasping is the total control that Corporate America has over our country. The government of this country stopped representing the common people a long time ago. Their vested interests became those of Corporate America. After all, who had the biggest parties in Washington, D.C., who supplied the women and the booze, but more importantly who contributed untold millions to the election campaigns of most politicians! So it isn’t some big mystery why their interests should be placed above those of the people. After all, when times are good, most people won’t even realize what is going on and when things do turn bad, corporate America will be bailed out by the same politicians that they have been funneling money to for years. And with their monopoly control of the media markets they will turn the public attention from the real culprits, to lay the blame on those less fortunate and who cannot defend themselves, the poor. Do you really imagine it is the poor who are responsible for the untold trillions that have gone to the war machine, to fight a basically non-existent adversary, an adversary that cannot begin to match our military? Who will pay for this bailout, ultimately, you and I, the people?

When GM, AIG, and the other behemoths of industry started to fold because of their mismanagement of resources our elected government was, and is, there to bail them out. Forget about the reasons why they were going under, such as failure to look to the future with regards to products that would reflect the needs of the 21st century; forget the eight years where they were deregulated and left to run amok. It is this deregulation of all aspects of the corporate world that created this world of lost jobs, lost retirements, lost hope. Yet, there are still segments of the population, albeit, small, that cannot, or will not, see the trees through the forest. They have lost all objectivity. They are the zombies of the right, non-thinking, robots who will do whatever their masters bid. These are the same people who complain about how the country has changed. How there are no more small town businesses, that every community looks like every other. How America has lost its individuality. Hello, it is corporate America that has caused this with their takeover of the countryside, with their supercenters putting Mom and Pop businesses under; their Agricultural Corporations doing in most small family farms, our America is gone.

And the zombies just continue on complaining but never seeing the reality. They listen to the ballgames, watching them play football, baseball, and the other pastimes, the players, who make millions of dollars for putting their pastime skills on display. These players who will never have to work at a regular job in their lifetime. They watch all this, never realizing that this is another way corporate America and their government keeps the population under control. The young zombies and their parents think that this is the life that may be theirs, all they have to do is hone their athletic capabilities and soon they’ll be making millions and leading the easy life, foregoing higher education, an education that could possible reveal the true workings of the NEW WORLD ORDER.

Diverting the public attention to the reality of life is the biggest tool that Corporate America utilizes. Propagating half truths and downright lies is their goal, with creating a mass feeding frenzy, their ultimate goal. They relish hatred, they relish the people fighting amongst themselves, and they relish pandemonium. An utter state of confusion is their breeding ground for falsehoods and misdirection.

National Healthcare is desired by over 60 percent of the American public, the American Medical Association wants it (that’s the doctors), The only ones not wanting this is the Insurance Companies and the Pharmaceutical companies, and of course, the zombies who do their bidding. That should tell you something. Why don’t the Insurance companies and the pharmaceutical companies want this? It is because they make much more money NOW!!! So, let’s see, do you understand this, we pay more now than we would if this legislation is passed, get it?

I’ve never seen a Zombie being brought back; once they have reached that staged they are too far gone. The only hope that rational thinking Americans have is their numbers. There are many more out there than the zombies, however they tend to be quiet and laid back, often not acting until it is too late. We cannot afford to let that be the case now. Don’t let the Zombies dictate the will of Corporate America, remember what that delivered during the last eight years, it is not easy to be normal, wanting peace, prosperity, hope and a future, but you must arise to the occasion or see another nail inserted into the coffin of our Democracy. We have the numbers.


About Liberty

Research the news, discover the truth for yourself. There is not much of it in the National Media, you have to delve into the realm of blogs and out of the way sites to discern the truth.

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