Come on People Support This!

At last night’s press conference on healthcare, 
President Obama shocked the media with a very inconvenient truth:

“I want to cover everybody. Now, the truth is that, unless you have a single-payer system, in which everybody is automatically covered, then you’re probably not going to reach every single individual.”

So why won’t our elected Democrats in Washington fight for a single-payer system that will cover everyone? Especially when it’s the only system that will actually save money by eliminating 30% in utterly wasted overhead from greedy insurance giants?

A dedicated group of 86 Democrats are fighting for single-payer ( H.R. 676 ), and they need our help today.

The battle over single-payer is in the House Energy&Commerce Committee (E&C). The committee was supposed to vote on Rep. Anthony Weiner’s single-payer amendment on Monday, but chairman Henry Waxman keeps postponing the vote because it might pass – just like the Kucinich Amendment for a single-payer state option passed on July 17 by a shocking 25-19 bi-partisan majority.

Lean Yes
Diana DeGette CO01 202-225-4431
Jane Harman CA36 202-225-8220
Christopher Murphy CT05 202-225-4476
Frank Pallone NJ06 202-225-4671 @FrankPallone
Bobby Rush IL01 202-225-4372
Peter Welch VT00 202-225-4115

Today we’re told the vote could be tomorrow ( Friday ). This week we asked our 600,000 supporters to call all 35 Democrats. Based on your calls, we identified 7 solid yes and 6 more lean yes:

Can you call the 6 lean yes and convince them to become solid yes on Rep. Anthony Weiner’s single-payer amendment in the Energy & Commerce Committee?

Won’t Say / “Not Enought Votes”
Rick Boucher VA09 202-225-3861
Bruce Braley IA01 202-225-2911
G.K. Butterfield NC01 202-225-3101
Lois Capps CA23 202-225-3601
Kathy Castor FL11 202-225-3376
John Dingell MI15 202-225-4071
Charles Gonzalez TX20 202-225-3236
Gene Green TX29 202-225-1688
Jay Inslee WA01 202-225-6311 @RepInsleeNews
Doris Matsui CA05 202-225-7163
Jerry McNerney CA11 202-225-1947
John Sarbanes MD03 202-225-4016
Bart Stupak MI01 202-225-4735
Betty Sutton OH13 202-225-3401
Henry Waxman (Chair) CA30 202-225-3976

Hill staffers privately tell us your calls are “very helpful.” Please post a comment about your calls so we can update our whip list here:

In addition, these 15 Democrats won’t say whether they support single-payer, or claim there aren’t enough votes for it to pass. But if they all vote for it, it will pass! See if you can convince them.

Also, be sure to send our Single Payer petition to your Representatives, and forward it to everyone you know who needs and deserves better healthcare:

And finally if you can be in DC on Thursday July 30, join us to celebrate the 44th birthday of Medicare and rally/lobby for single-payer:

Thanks for all you do!

Bob Fertik


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