POW in Afgan

US doing ‘everything’ to free soldier held by Taliban: Clinton

Image taken from a video posted online by the Taliban shows a visibly-shaken US soldier


“We are attempting to do everything we can to locate him and free him,” Clinton, on a visit to India, told US television network ABC in New Delhi.

The Taliban, whose resurgence in Afghanistan has led to heightened unrest in the country, released a video over the weekend of a visibly-shaken captive US soldier who was snatched by the Islamist militants in Afghanistan late last month.

In the 28-minute clip posted online at the weekend, the soldier identified by the Pentagon on Sunday as 23-year-old Private First Class Bowe R. Bergdahl sits on the floor in traditional pale grey Afghan clothing and pleads for US troops to leave the war-torn nation.

The shaven-headed young man, who sports a fledgling beard and appears nervous and frightened, answers questions in English, occasionally choking back sobs as he tells his captors he is scared and wants to see his family.

“I mean it’s just outrageous. It’s a real sign of desperation and inappropriate criminal behavior on the parts of these terrorist groups,” Clinton said.

“So we are going to do everything we can to get him.”

A US military spokesman in Kabul had earlier confirmed that the man in the video was the same soldier who went missing from his base in southeastern Paktika province on June 30, and condemned the video as “propaganda.”

And it is propaganda that got this young man and all the other brave men and women of our Arm Services into harm’s way. We do not need to be in Afghanistan, nor Iraq, for any reason. It was the military-industrial complex that orchestrated 911 with it’s top lackeys, Bush and Cheney. The reasons given for invading these countries were false, lies repeatedly told to the American people. Bring our troops home now, save our country’s future. Hold the War Criminal  accountable!


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