Quantum Mechanics, String Theories, Black Holes and the Bible

The fundamental idea of Quantum Mechanics is:

1. in the sub-micro world, smaller even than the subatomic particles that make up matter that lies underneath all of the “real world” that we see lies another realm where literally any imaginable thing has a measurable possibility of happening.

2. A postulate of this is the idea – there is no certainty in any event.

3. Strange things happen with “ghost-like particles that move in ways that defy logic, matter being created in a vacuum, and even particles that move backward in time.

The basic idea of String Theory is:

1. All matter is ultimately composed of “string-like” structures that vibrate at different frequencies and energy levels.

2. Predictions exist of multiple external universes to our own that sometimes bounce into each other and collide.

The basic idea of Black Holes is:

1. Gravity is so great that they trap matter and even light, inside, forever, in a concentrated geometric point in which the density is infinite and the temperature is infinitely high.

2. Black Holes may be the doorways, or “Wormholes” to these external universes.

I have already been called stupid enough, so please use a thesaurus if that is where you are headed in the comments.

Quantum Mechanics sounds much like just another way to explain there are indeed supernatural goings on. Can you say Creator?

The String Theory sounds like fetching for explanations of places like heaven and hell. The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) is spending billions this year to launch the Large Hadron Collider in search of Heaven and Hell maybe?

And Black Holes – check out the description of the bottomless pit in Revelation 20.


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