Memorial Day 2009

Memorial Day reminds us that our brave young men and women continue to fight and die in the Bush-Cheney wars of lies.

1. Cheney’s Iraq-Torture Scandal

In 2002 and 2003, Dick Cheney ordered the torture of key prisoners captured in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Cheney says he ordered torture to stop another terrorist attack, but the evidence is now clear: Cheney wanted false “confessions” to justify the unprovoked U.S. invasion of Iraq.

Those “confessions” were featured in key pre-war speeches by Cheney, George Bush, and Colin Powell that betrayed Congress, the American people, and the world.

Thus the “Torture” scandal and the “Iraq” scandal are not two separate scandals, but one massive and historically disastrous scandal: the Iraq-Torture Scandal.

Cheney claims his torture “saved hundreds of thousands of lives.” In reality, it cost hundreds of thousands of lives – innocent Iraqi lives. It also killed over 4,300 U.S. soldiers, maimed hundreds of thousands more, cost U.S. taxpayers $3 trillion dollars, and profoundly damaged U.S. credibility and security.

Dick Cheney understands the enormity of his crimes and launched a public relations war to protect himself, including carefully-chosen TV interviews and speeches. His daughter (and chief defender) Liz Cheney admitted her father’s greatest fear is prosecution.

It’s time for Congress to investigate the massive Iraq-Torture Scandal – and for the Department of Justice to prosecute Dick Cheney for creating it.

Please sign our new petition to Congress and Attorney General Holder:

2. Break Up the Banks – Town Hall Meetings

In April, we joined A New Way Forwardto hold nation-wide protests against Washington’s massive bailout of the banks that created our financial crisis.

During the week of June 8, A New Way Forward will hold Town Hall Meetings to build support for breaking up the banks. If they are “too big to fail” then they are “too big to exist.”

Please sign our petition to Congress:

Find a Town Hall Meeting near you, or help organize one:

3. David Swanson’s New Book: “Daybreak

For the past five years, no one has worked harder to stop the crimes of the Bush Admininstration than our Washington Director, David Swanson.

David just finished his comprehensive book about how we can fix our Democracy after the Bush-Cheney dictatorship. It’s called “Daybreak: Undoing the Imperial Presidency and Forming a More Perfect Union.”

You can pre-order “Daybreak” for $10.17 at Amazon:

You can also help David plan his cross-country book tour this fall:

Watch David discuss Dick Cheney’s recent speech with Paul Jay of The Real News:

“Daybreak urgently reminds us that good political intentions are not sufficient to ensure the continuation of our democracy; informed vigilance is vital to that task.”
-Mark Karlin, editor of

Thanks for all you do!

Bob Fertik



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