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Swarthmore Peace Collection

Have you ever wondered how FCNL started? Or what kind of work the organization did at the end of World War II or during the Cold War arms race? You can find answers to these questions, links to a finding aid first developed by FCNL’s First Executive Secretary E. Raymond Wilson, and more about the origins of FCNL in our permanent archive at the Swarthmore Peace Collection. Find out more.

War Is Not the Answer Photo of the Week: Olympia Friends Meeting

Olympia Friends Meeting

Olympia (WA) Meeting co-clerk Deric Young holding the WINA sign,
Keith Henderson–musician, CD-maker, and FCNL Contact –gladly
accepts Bob Schultz’s contribution for Keith’s first-ever, all-proceeds-to-FCNL
musical collection.

Order your own War Is Not the Answer sign and see where this movement is showing up across the country. Find out how to submit your own photo.


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