Preventive Maintenance Failure: Shell Rapid Lube Crystal River FL 34429

Thought these guys were good initially, BIG MISTAKE! After servicing my vehicle for over a year (service every three months) my van had no automatic transmission fluid in it, resulting in my transmission being ruined. This was one of the checks that they were suppose to do on every oil change, Apparently they didn’t because when my transmission failed I pulled over to check it and it took 4 quarts to fill it. It shellwould not have been that low after 3 months of driving, unless there had been a massive leak and there hadn’t been any. Therefore they failed to check the transmission level for a considerable period of time. I brought the vehicle over there and they insisted they checked it every time. Which they could not have, I (in my younger days I worked in a garage) and use to do this work myself. Someone screwed up and they do not want to admit it. I always park my van (it is a wheelchair van) on pavement at work and at home, there was never any noticeable leaks, and certainly none of that (4 quarts) quantity that I would of missed it. I always check my parking places whenever I leave my space, just for that reason. Being handicapped I cannot afford to have my vehicle out of commission! Now the Van is at AllState Transmission in Homosassa and they are charging me close to $1600.00 for the repair! An amount that is going to be very hard for me to recoup.

Shell Rapid Lube (352) 795-2333
1050 SE  US-19
Crystal River, Fl  34429

Here’s the bill from AllState Transmission

This place was too damn expensive!

This place was too damn expensive!


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