OPEC cutting production? Local Gas Stations hike prices same day!

OK, it’s been in the news most of the day, that the OPEC Nations are planning on cutting back production in the hopes of making oil barrel prices go up, the way they were during Bush’s heyday. Reaping all that ill gotten gains from fabricated emergencies and allowed acts of terrorism’s. But, more on that later, right now, all you have to do is drive around Citrus County and you can see that most gas stations have all ready increased their prices in anticipation of a cutback of oil production by the OPEC Nations. How blatant can price gouging be? The whole atmosphere of screwing the public has become the persona of business today in America, another example of the residue of the cronyism and crookedness that has pervaded most aspects of this Nation for the last eight years! It is especially apparent with the collapse of our whole economic system. I warned over two years ago that things were going to get much worst. I did this in the debate I had with the other candidates who were running in the special election for district 43. I ran as an independent and unfortunately the Republican party in Citrus County chooses to run on habit rather than substance. More on the debate later, this price gouging should be looked into immediately by Governor Crist! This type of gouging is not only immoral but may also be illegal. Step up to the plate Governor Crist, take the high road, find out what’s going on in Citrus County. By the way, oil barrel prices actually fell today to $40 a barrel! Now go figure? Must be the stations are getting ready for the holiday spirit!!

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