The Superpower that was…

By Dave Gregory

Well, here we are, the world’s only Superpower, what is that really? It makes no sense, we’re only a Superpower if we want to push other little countries around and pat ourselves on the back on how good we are, patriotic, flag waving, all the kinds of things that make us unthinking zombies, much like the crowds that evolve into mobs. So we went after the wrong country, a country that had nothing to do with 911, and made ourselves feel good by kicking ass and only losing 4000 or so lives, as of now. When the people who were responsible for 911 are in Afghanistan and living comfortably in the U.S., go unpunished.

History repeats itself over and over, and no one seems to learn from it, why we bother to even teach it in school, is beyond me. Of course, the history in school is only one viewpoint and in my lifetime I can remember what history encompassed when I went to school and how that history has been manipulated to be something different from what it was. It’s sad, our heroes from yesterday are no longer that and people who had little consequence are now our Gods, our leaders. The winners write the history to our dismay and we reap what they have sown. And the winners are not those who conquered in battle and fought the brave fight, the winners today are those that have manipulated the rules, set aside the standards, ignored the ethics; they are the ones who lead us.

So now, the U.S.S.R., hey, folks of the younger generation, that is Russia today, now they are feeling their oats, they have responded to Georgia’s ethnic cleansing with a little cleansing of their own. And you know what? They feel good about it, in fact, they feel real good. Guess kind of like us, when we kicked ass in Iraq, with all the hoopla, the awe and shock stuff, yeah, it feels good, that old male testosterone is going full force, let’s kick some more ass! Well, that’s the way it begins, but the thing is, years go by, thousands die, and that feeling of euphoria isn’t what it used to be. Fathers, husbands, sons, daughters, wife’s, they die, thousands are disabled both physical and mentally for life. Check out all of our guys returning from Iraq with Post Traumatic Syndrome, PTS, you know there are a lot when a malady is known by an acronym.

The good feeling for us is pretty much over, we’re losing the taste for the fight, and it has cost us untold amounts of money, money that has to be paid back to the country that is the biggest financier of the conflict, China, how many of you knew that? So many of ours killed, broken, maimed, now that’s forever, it’s not a movie, a book, a good story, it’s forever, there is no “the end”, until, THE END, for them. Hey, but we’re not only losing the taste, but we can’t afford it, we’re spread too thin, our veneer has been sanded off, we learning a lesson that has been taught to us, over and over, we cannot be the policemen of the world. Of course, that is what our leaders would like you to believe, that altruistic myth, that we only go on these excursions to right a wrong, avenge a death. Most in the know, know, the real reason why any of this happens, its money, oil money, corporate money, corporate America greed. The yoke of tyranny is not so heavy with 21st century conveniences. It is still tyranny just the same and the weight increases with time.


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