Earlier this week, Republicans in the Senate blocked a vote to ensure that our troops get the proper amount of rest in between deployments to Iraq. Now it looks like they’re going to filibuster another Iraq measure—a timeline to end the war.

It’s outrageous—-Republicans are playing political games in Washington to protect President Bush while our troops are dying in Iraq. They are blocking the vote because they know they’ll lose.

So we’re fighting back. MoveOn members are organizing citizen counter-filibusters for Tuesday night. Our events will remind the senators and the media that this isn’t about partisan games—it’s about peoples’ lives. As a veteran or member of a military family, no one knows this better than you. At Tuesday’s events, MoveOn members will read first-hand accounts of the true cost of the war from folks like you.

I know you have a powerful story to share about why the Republican stonewall on Iraq has to stop so we can bring our troops home—can you share it with us so we can feature it in the events on Tuesday night?

One of the most outrageous things about their filibuster is that they’re blocking the majority of senators who want pass legislation that would start bringing our troops home from Iraq. And that’s what most Americans want too—a recent poll found that 7 out of 10 Americans want most of our troops home by spring.1

Why are Republicans doing this? They’re desperate. In the last two weeks influential Republican senators—including Senators Richard Lugar, George Voinovich and Olympia Snowe—have come out against the president’s reckless policy in Iraq and acknowledged that it’s time to start withdrawing our troops.

Republicans are in an all out collapse and this filibuster is one of the last gasps. On Tuesday night we’re going to show them that their partisan games aren’t going to cut it with the public and with your help, we can make them understand the real cost of the war.

Click below to share your story about why the Republican stonewall on Iraq has to end.

Thanks for all you do,

–Nita, Anna, Natalie, Matt and the Political Action Team
Friday, July 13th, 2007


1. “U.S. opposition to Iraq war hits new high: poll,” Reuters, July 10, 2007.


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