If only the Citrus County Chronicle were more like a real newspaper, such as the St. Pete Time’s which ran this article about me and the other long shot candidate.

No politics as usual for two

Published June 25, 2007

They have little cash and no campaign organization, but the two nonparty candidates making long-shot bids for state House District 43 are full of fight.

Independent David J. Gregory, a 57-year-old from Homosassa, and write-in contender H. David Werder, a 52-year-old from Hudson, aligned with the Democratic Party at one time, but he decided to go it alone for various reasons.

For Gregory, it’s a disdain for politics as usual.

On his Web site http://www.davidjgregory.com and in campaign information he rails against “career politicians who have forgotten the people who got them there.” He wants to eliminate lobbyists altogether. His slogan: “Give the House back to the people.”

On mainstream issues, he favors legislation promoting the family unit, supports making the homestead exemption portable and thinks insurance companies doing business in the state should be forced to sell homeowners insurance. He also signed a “taxpayers pledge” to never vote for a tax increase.

For the campaign, Gregory took on the nickname of “Taxi Dave” because that’s how most voters probably know him. He drove for Liberty Taxis in Homosassa for 18 years. “Without any money to campaign with, I was hoping somewhere along the line people might remember me,” he said.

Gregory, who has a bone disease that requires him to use a wheelchair, now works at the Citrus County Property Appraiser’s Office in Crystal River. For the past four years, he has been the public service specialist that greets residents as they enter.

As for his chances, he acknowledged it’s a long shot but he said it’s worth trying to influence the discussion.

“If by some miracle I get elected, what better way to show the parties they need to wake up and stop listening to the corporate entities,” he said.

Werder also recognizes the inevitable.

“Lightning has to strike two of them for me (to win),” he said.

But he’s certainly not new to long odds. Werder is the perennial candidate, entering just about any major election in the area.

In November 2006, he finished third in a three-way Democratic primary for the U.S. House seat held by Ginny Brown-Waite, R-Brooksville. It was his fourth attempt, but the first time he generated enough signatures to get on the ballot. Before, he was a write-in.

This time, Werder said he visited the local election office too late to get formally put on the ballot. But he’s sure he could have gotten the support. He said the 5,000 votes he received in November was “really good” and he plans to run again in the future.

Werder is best known for his 439 day stint sitting atop a pole in a Clearwater parking lot, a world record in the 1980s.

If elected to Tallahassee, he wants to focus on the homeowners insurance crisis, which recently hit close to home with his mother’s place. “People are getting priced out of their homes,” he said.

Also he favors a ban on talking on cell phones while driving and wants property tax rates locked in until a home is sold again.

John Frank can be reached at jfrank@sptimes.com or 754-6114.


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