If you check out the Chronicle this morning you’ll realize where their interests lie, they pretty much buried me and to a lesser degree the Democratic candidate Sophia Diaz Fronseca. They only printed about 4 sentences of what I had said to the reporter that called me and they absolutely refuse to make mention of my website, EVEN ON THEIR BLOG PAGE! So this is ANOTHER blatant example of Corporate America pulling the wool over the public’s eye. YOU no longer get the news, only the filtered content. My fellow Americans, the time is at hand, believe in yourself and your right to hear the truth. When reporting becomes a selective process it is no longer reporting, but propaganda.

My wife, Corl and I, went to Playhouse 19 last night in Crystal River and saw their production of “HAIR”. It is amazing how relevant that a play that was written 40 years ago is to present day. “Hair” was written about the tragedy that lasted over ten years that this country was involved in, the Viet Nam War. This was the granddaddy of Corporate America’s manipulation of our Nation. Of course, since then they have refined their manipulated skills and have taken possession of most of the media outlets in the country, so who knows how long our struggle in Iraq will continued unabated? The Cast and Crew at Playhouse 19 did an excellent job and I would recommend anyone to go and see one of their productions!


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Research the news, discover the truth for yourself. There is not much of it in the National Media, you have to delve into the realm of blogs and out of the way sites to discern the truth.

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