Big news. President Obama is threatening to veto CISPA, the bill that could give the government and big companies limitless powers to spy on us online.

The President has folded on a lot of things in the past, but finally, yes finally, there is hope, the tide maybe changing, from the GOP Corporate Fascist rule back to our rule.Start the Journey before the path is washed away, EYEONCITRUS.COM As the old saying goes, the journey of a thousand miles, begins with the first step! Don’t sit on the sidelines, get involved, it’s for the awakening of America.

They have been pulling the foundation of our society apart, brick by brick, setting policies that crumble the family unit, the cornerstone of our Nation, NO MORE.

This is a huge moment in our campaign to beat back this assault on our online civil liberties. Millions have already told Congress it must not pass this bill.

Let’s pile on and stop this thing. Tell Congress to say "NO" to the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act.

This week, members of Congress proposed five amendments they said would allay our concerns. But even with these changes, CISPA would still give the NSA — the domestic spying agency — even more power to snoop on our texts, our emails, our web history and everything else we do online. CYBER INTELLIGENCE SHARING & PROTECTION ACT THE OTHER FOOT OF THE PATRIOT ACT AND THE DISMANTLING OF OUR CONSTITUTION

The White House agrees that this is a problem. That’s why it made the move to publicly oppose CISPA.

Help us take advantage of this moment. Tell your member of Congress: "Vote ‘NO’ on CISPA."


The Eye On Citrus Show


Our latest radio show is up, talking about the GOP Forum held in Crystal River this past Saturday, Jan 14, 2010. The two non-fiction books relating the dark and illegal deeds of the Federal Government through the auspices of the C.I.A. Anyone with two good ears needs to listen to this show.

Jesse Ventura, 63 Documents the Government Does Not want you to READ

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THE INTRO TO THE BOOK! is proud to announce that Jesse Ventura, newest book, 63 Documents The Government Doesn’t Want you to read, is available on this site, in the audio version! This book tells of the many times in history when the United States Federal Government has lied to us and manipulated events in order to promote the agenda of the ruling elite. Below you’ll find the link to the introduction to the book, you can listen to it and return as future chapters will be made available.

Visiting our Amazon Store will enable you to get the book now, and or, download to your Kindle!


What side are you on?

 last three times the Democrats negotiated with the Republicans, in almost
 every instance, they gave the Republicans virtually everything that
 they wanted

As a Thanksgiving deadline nears for action by the powerful congressional committee on deficit reduction, Bernie sounded an alarm over reports that Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid may be cut. "The American people have been very clear. They understand how important Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are to the well-being of tens of millions of our people and they do not want to see these programs cut," Bernie said on Wednesday.

"This is a pivotal moment in American history. The rich and large corporations are doing phenomenally well while the middle class is declining and poverty is increasing. Now is the time to answer the question that the Woody Guthrie song poignantly asked, ‘Which side are you on?’ The Democrats on the Super Committee must resist Republican attempts to balance the budget on the backs of the must vulnerable people in our country. They must stand on the side of working families and the middle class. They must say NO to cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid and demand that the wealthy and large corporations start paying their fair share of taxes."
Watch Bernie urge the super committee to protect Social Security »

Listen to Art Bell’s Coast to Coast HAARP BROADCAST


This is an (CLICK HERE FOR THE SHOW) encore presentation of a show that aired in 2005. It’s revealing because it discusses the secret facility in Alaska that manipulates the ionosphere with possible devastating results. Listen to scientists working on it then and their reluctance to speak about the possible consequences of their experiments. The military has taken over the HAARP facility and once that happens there is no doubt about any intended applications.

Official 9/11 Fable To Become Part Of School Curriculum

Government-supported effort to ‘encourage critical thinking’ actually encourages obedient regurgitation of lies

Paul Joseph Watson
Rest of Story on Prison
Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Official 9/11 Fable To Become Part Of School Curriculum 060911top

“We don’t need no education….we don’t need no thought control.”

In a week where the establishment is desperate to reinforce the official 9/11 fable, a government-supported charity group has embarked on a mission to include the state-approved version of events on the school curriculum in the UK as part of a bid to “demolish conspiracy theories” surrounding the attacks.

As we reported yesterday, the launch of the project was timed to coincide with the unveiling of a macabre 9/11 “memorial” in Battersea Park, London, after which Mayor Boris Johnson resolved to carry out a “controlled demolition” of conspiracy theories to “remind people of the tragedy of what really happened”.

A website for the “9/11 London project”has been launched which includes downloadable lesson plans for teachers. The program is designed “to teach schoolchildren in Britain about the events of 9/11 and “demolish conspiracy theories” surrounding the attacks,” reports AFP.

The project is supported by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, as well as establishment figures in Britain such as Common Purpose member Maqsood Ahmed, Lord West, Lord Carey, and Lord Fink, CEO of International Standard Asset Management (ISAM) and Treasurer of the Conservative Party.

“A lot of the children… didn’t know much about the event, some had only heard a lot about the conspiracy theories, so it’s great to have another insight,” 26-year-old history teacher Nat Ogborn told AFP.

In explaining the need for such an educational program, the website for the project states the goal is to develop the critical thinking of students who are “confused about the actual events of the day.”

However, in announcing its purpose is to “demolish conspiracy theories,” ie any evidence that contradicts the state-approved version of events, the program has already ‘demolished’ any notion that it will encourage critical thinking. It will only pursue the exact opposite. Continue with the rest of the story…

EOC Eye On Citrus Radio: Pre 9-11-2001 Tenth Anniversary Show

(661) 449-9342


The Tenth Anniversary of the most despicable act every perpetrated on a people by elements of its own government in the history of mankind is just around the corner. The evidence is apparent, it’s been shown and revealed over and over, yet the public doesn’t rise to arms in anger, angry at a real foe, a foe that aims to eliminate the freedom of the American people while it robs them blind, of their monies and their young, a foe that has no concern for its’ people nor the sacrifices they have made in the past and continue to do so, to make this Nation FREE.  Yet, so many fail to realize that they have been duped, lied to and misled. Now is the time to shout from shore to shore, from mountaintop to mountaintop, we know the truth, we know the truth, and you will not get away with it! Our Nation will once again rise to rid ourselves of the tyrants that will enslave us through subterfuge, we will rise once again to make this Nation a shining beacon to the world of what true freedom is about, what a Democracy of the people and for the people and by the people really is and that when the people are wronged by its government, the people have every right to throw the government shackles off and march into the light of freedom, untethered and unfettered as a FREE PEOPLE ONCE AGAIN.

" Flip Flopped"



Dear Editor,
The Chronicle on 8/22/11, stated that the Crystal River City Council
was going to have the "first reading" on 8/22/11 of an ordinance that the council voted
on at a previous meeting "to change flag displays to an unlimited number".
How can flying "an unlimited number"of U.S flags be changed to an "explicit" number on the ordinance by the Crystal River City Council the very next day in the Chronicle 8/23/11 to again another unpatriotic restriction of flying of U.S.Flags?!

The council really doesn’t seem to "Get It": that any restriction of flying of the U.S. Flag is unconstitutional – even the city attorney told them so! As a Candidate for Citrus County Commission,  I stand against any restriction whatsoever of flying of the U.S.Flag, except for public safety. Furthermore, unpatriotic flag restrictions are unheard of  (Fox except by the Crystal River Council of Crystal River: who all deserve to lose jobs if they restrict U.S Flags from flying High and proud as they would be breaking their Oaths of Office to Uphold,defend and Protect the U.S. Constitution: Not to oppose it!!!
Renee Christopher-McPheeters

Crystal River

Help to overcome

David Gregory has a condition that causes him to need a van equipped with a chair lift so he can access it from the driver’s seat of his vehicle. The van he currently uses is in poor shape, so he is in need of a new van. Friends have opened a bank account to help him get the equipment he needs.


David Gregory has a condition that causes him to need a van equipped with a chair lift so he can access it from the driver’s seat of his vehicle. The van he currently uses is in poor shape, so he is in need of a new van. Friends have opened a bank account to help him get the equipment he needs.


HOMOSASSA — David Gregory knows that life is precarious.
Born with osteogenesis imperfecta, brittle bone disease, he’s had more than 80 broken bones in his 61 years, has spent weeks in traction and has undergone surgeries to have steel rods implanted in his legs.
In 2004, Gregory had heart bypass and aortic valve replacement surgery — serious enough for someone with normal bones, but for him, the risks were multiplied.
But he recovered and returned to work at the county property appraiser’s office in Crystal River 10 weeks later.
“With this disease, it’s bad when you’re young,” Gregory said. “In middle age you get better — your bones harden. Then when you get older, you go downhill again.”
When he was younger, in his 30s, he worked as a garage mechanic. He lifted machinery; he dug ditches. Throughout his adult years he has operated boats at the Marine Science Station, managed a Wilson’s Leather store and worked as a substitute teacher.
He could walk.
“I walked with a limp, but I was normal — in my opinion,” he said.
When he could no longer walk, he began using  a motorized scooter. To get it onto the rack on the back of his car he would prop himself against the car and “drive” the scooter onto the rack using his hands, secure the gate behind it, then slowly make his way into the car.
When he got to work, he would reverse the process and do it again to go home.
He’s never been one to give up.
Five years ago, he got a van, a 1993 Ford E-150, with a lift. Even then it was old, but it lifted his chair, which lifted his spirits.
But now, the van keeps breaking down and the lift broke. A friend loaned him a lift that hooks on the back, which means he has to walk from the back to get into the driver’s seat, and he can’t walk well anymore.
“I call it my ‘McGuyver van,’” Gregory said. “I keep a roll of duct tape, nylon string and a tool kit handy.”
The list of what’s wrong with it is longer than what works.
His friends have opened up an account for him at TD Bank, 1000 S.E. U.S. 19, Crystal River, to help him purchase a wheelchair-accessible van.
He found a van with a lift and a chair included on Craigslist for $3,000, although he said he hasn’t looked at it yet or even knows if it’s still available. The owner lives in Sanford.
“For the past five years I’ve lived on a contingency basis, fixing things as they break,” he said. “Even my chair. I’d think, ‘Which one will go first?’ I was able to get a chair at the Sheriff’s store for $200 the day before my other chair gave out.”
Gregory said he tries to stay hopeful and positive, but is struggling to do so. He’s not one to complain, and said he knows other people have it much worse than he does.
“He tries so hard,” said his supervisor, Sandy Garrison. “He’s always here, he’s a hard worker. He’s a thinker and so intelligent. It’s a shame, though. He just can’t seem to catch a break.”
For information, call David Gregory at (352) 228-3230.
Chronicle reporter Nancy Kennedy can be reached at (352) 564-2927

USA PATRIOT Act: The Myth of a Secure European Cloud

The U.S. is home to the world’s largest technology companies, offering cloud services from simple storage to complex web applications to users across the world. But data held even in European datacenters, protected by strict European data laws, may still be vulnerable to inspection by U.S. authorities. This webcast will detail how user and corporate data can be accessed without the need of a warrant, the implications of user privacy and businesses, and how to ensure a secure European cloud.
Join this live ZDNet Webcast to
discover the effect the USA PATRIOT Act has on businesses, educational institutions, citizens and governments outside the United States.

High Time in the Old town TONIGHT, MAYBE/

O.K., most of you have heard of all the doomsayers that have been around the last few years and all have heard in one form, or another, about the 2012 Mayan prophecy, so you put it all in a sack and shake it up. What do you get? Well, whether, or not, any of these prophecies hold any truth can be debated, day and night. I, for one, don’t give much credence to folks sitting around campfires thousands of years ago and coming up with what is going to be happening today! After all, they can’t even get it right today, about predicting things and events of the 21st century. But, there is one undeniable fact, things are occurring, things that effect us here on earth. These things can be seen, there is science that shows what is happening, and it is unusual, whether it be the solar flares that occurred on the Sun yesterday, or the strange and unusual storms that the planet has been experiencing over the last several years and don’t forget the earthquakes and tsunamis. Japan is leaking out so much radiation that all the governments of the world have had to reissue guidelines for the safe levels of radiation, what has radiation suddenly gotten less harmful? No, you see, there is nothing that they can do about the levels of radiation that are now bombarding us from Japan, so they might as well ease our little minds and tell us it safer and not to worry. So what are the effects of this monstrous solar flare, well, NASA, says not to worry, just a glancing blow off the planet, maybe GPS being wigged out or power grids failing, so there you go, feel better now? Don’t worry, you haven’t seen nothing yet!!




Pentagon Whistleblower Franz Gayl Saved Our Troops, Help Save Him


For virtually his entire adult life, Franz Gayl has served his country. Enlisting in the United States Marine Corps from an early age, he moved over to become a civilian Science and Technology Advisor at the Pentagon after retiring from his position as officer. While he was deployed in Iraq, Mr. Gayl saw first hand the deadly consequences of the Marine Corps bureaucracy. In 2005, Gayl blew the whistle on Marine procurement politics that had blocked delivery of mine-resistance armored vehicles and non-lethal crowd control dispersers to Iraq. The absences of these tools literally caused thousands of unnecessary troop and civilian fatalities.

Thanks to Gayl’s whistleblower disclosures, the equipment was provided, and needless fatalities have been avoided. However, his actions have cost him his professional career – and possibly, his job. The Marine bureaucracy reacted with a "never again" strategy against Gayl – a clear signal meant to silence other potential whistleblowers. He has been fighting back harassment for three years, but the Marine Corps is now trying to finish Gayl off by suspending his security clearance. Until the new Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act legislation that strengthens federal whistleblower protections is passed, Gayl has no viable legal rights to defend himself.
With your help, however, Gayl can defend himself with solidarity. Solidarity is, and always has been, more effective in defending whistleblowers than formal legal rights. The Marines might have the official power, but we can demonstrate that democracy is more powerful than raw abuses of power. Sign the petition below to Defense Secretary Robert Gates, and demand that the Marine Corps stop the retaliation against national hero and patriot Franz Gayl.



imageThis is the spin-off from the X-files, first shown on March 4, 2001, six months before 911. Apparently someone was trying to get the word out, they are probably no longer around, this video is out there on torrent downloads, yet as with all the other videos that help shed light on despicable acts, you never know when they will disappear. I would download this in put it in your private collection.



These two presentations each gave warnings of dire events to come, specifically 911. The Long Kiss Goodnight was produce in 1996 and described the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center and the circumstances that led up to it. The Pilot Episode of The Lone Gunmen gave the exact scenario of what was to be 911, with the details of how the event actually would take place. These details have been proven and discovered by multitudes of people. The Lone Gunmen Pilot episode premiered in March 2001, six months before 911.

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